Thursday, 25 June 2015

PANDORA's polishing service is no longer free of charge



Being a PANDORA fan, I am really furious and disappointed with Pandora's so-called new policy. I just found out about this news when some of my friends shared a post that went viral.

When I was first introduced to Pandora by my friends, I had doubts to jump on the bandwagon of collecting Pandora charms, simply because previously, I wasn't one who bears to spend so much on jewellery and accessories. Apart from the idea that you can get a unique bracelet and tell a story from the charms, the price of Pandora is too expensive for the material of 925 sterling silver. I was convinced when the staff assured me that the purchase comes with an after-sales service that includes a 1 year warranty and life-time free polishing.

Let me just emphasise again - LIFE-TIME and FREE.

This means that any Pandora users can simply bring their Pandora products to the store and request for the polishing service for free as long as Pandora did not close down.

But recently, they have changed their policy and have started charging ridiculously high prices for their polishing services. The price for polishing ONE bracelet starts from $15, and with additional charms, it can cost up to $30 for the entire bracelet. (This is just the price for sterling silver)

Photo credit: Lester Chua
When customers demanded an explanation from Pandora, their management claimed that they have upgraded and improved their polishing service by engaging a specialized jeweller with professional equipment to better care for our Pandora products. So Pandora is trying to say that they are charging us for OUR BENEFITS? I am so not convinced.

It seems to me that Pandora is merely trying to gain extra revenue using such low tactic strategies. As mentioned by Lester Chua, if Pandora was sincere in improving their services, they could offer a premium polishing service to customers who are willing to pay and still retain the usual FOC polishing service for the others. 

When I bought my Pandora bracelet, I did not request nor expect a premium service provided by outsourced and specialized jeweller, I simply wanted an assurance that I can bring in my bracelet to polish whenever I wanted to. 925 sterling silver is a material that oxidizes very easily, depending on how you maintain it, it can easily blacken within weeks. If customers have to send in to polish monthly at such prices, it is as good as daylight robbery.

Besides, as my friend have stated, it is a verbal agreement between Pandora and the customers. But it seems like the company isn't keeping their promise well. 

Pandora, you know what?


Earning that extra amount of revenue will not be able to save the reputation that you have tarnished. My friends are all upset with the new policy that was "supposedly beneficial to us". And I am sure that there are thousands of unhappy customers out there as well (and probably more when the words get spread out).

You do know that you are not the only brand that offers customised charm bracelets.

Better do something before you lose your valuable customers to other brands with better services.

P.S. You can read more complaints from their Facebook page

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