Sunday, 14 June 2015

Short Update

It has been quite some time since I had a proper update of my life. Sometimes I find it hard to write about my daily happenings as compared to writing advertorials because I am just doing the same stuff every single day, more or less. Summer is really hectic for me, I myself find it quite surprising how I managed to deal with so much commitments. But, so far so good! I am more than satisfied with my midterms result as well. So I took the time off to head out for a date with bf. The fact that I don't really go out as often as usual also explains the lack of OOTDs in my Instagram. So here is one! LIKE FINALLY. 

Both of us are pretty much bored of the usual dating sessions - movie, shopping then dinner. And coincidentally, both of us are quite into games. In case you didn't know I was pretty hardcore in L4D shooting games in the past. Maybe not THAT hardcore, but for a girl? Maybe. I am not really going into a detailed review about Playnation but seriously, I recommend it to couples or just a bunch of friends who want to hang out at somewhere cheap. Before that, we had our lunch at Strictly Pancakes and we ordered our usuals. 

Playnation really offers really student-friendly prices, they have an ongoing promotion of $10++ for 4 hours (2-6pm) on weekdays. Maybe that's why there are so many closures of arcades recently. They even have the fighting joystick console, drumset and guitar for the rockband, mic, and steering wheel. $10++ for playing normal Xbox and Wii games is already a bonus. But this? It's really ridiculously affordable.  

We usually play Street Fighter or Tekken but I managed to find a new game called Injustice. I am really impressed because I found it so relatable to use the fighting characters. I think it's more fun when you know what is the character, like GREEN ARROW and FLASH!!!

There's a couple more like Batman, Joker, Superman. I like how they incorporated villains into the game as well. You can see from this photo.


Another of my favourite game is the Raving Rabbids game which has a lot of mini party games, perfect for competing with each other. It kinda reminded me of minions because of their gibberish nonsensical language. I don't have a photo, but seriously just try the game. It's good entertainment just watching the "rabbids" express themselves. No wonder I love minions so much. 

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P.S I can't wait for the MINIONS movie!!! Anyway these cookies are baked by me too(:


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