Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sponsored Review: The Comb Hair Studio

Sponsored Review:

Look at this bunch of "GRASS" hair with badly damaged split ends, I have been tolerating my hair like that for the longest time. I was also very frustrated with my root perm because it has grown to a length that became very messy and obvious. (Not sure if you can notice from my second photo) But it kind of looks like I had hair extensions on. Thankfully, The Comb Hair Studio offered me a sponsored hair service of my choice.

Initially, I wanted to straighten the messy root perms and touch up the digital perm at the bottom of my hair. But Bella, my hair stylist did not recommend it since I have just permed it a few months ago. The recommended period is 6 months to a year between every perm. Since my hair was so dry and rough like a haystack (Can't find a better word to describe), I was also quite glad that she suggested straightening the root perm, and doing a 3-step Mucota treatment for my hair.

The Comb even offer quality drinks like TWG tea bags and I chose Earl Grey tea. Usually I would refrain from ordering drinks because a few hours wait at the salon makes it difficult for me to head to the washroom. But they have a washroom inside the salon itself so it's very convenient.

Here's my stylist working on my hair. I had a hair cut as well to trim away the split ends. I was a little reluctant to chop up a few cm of my hair at first, but in order to have healthier hair, I had to go for it. Thankfully, my hair still look long and flowy.

After the hair cut and rebond, I had the 3-step mucota treatment. It was fairly comfortable except that the wait was pretty long. In total, the whole process from the moment I step into the salon till the end was roughly 3 hours. So be prepared for the long hours unless you are only going for the hair treatment alone (Which takes roughly 1 hour 30 minutes)

But good things are worth the wait, right?

After the hair treatment, I was amazed with the smooth touch on my hair which I haven't had for the past year or so. My fingers was able to glide between my hair strands easily and my hair was no longer unhealthy and tangled up in a mess. My hair actually felt so soft that I just cannot resist to touch and comb through with my fingers. The effects were instant and I was told that it will last between 1-2 months depending on the state of your hair. Aftercare is also important for healthy hair to last long.

Here are more photos of my soft and smooth hair thanks to The Comb! 

I think that the difference is pretty huge before and after my treatment. As you can tell, the root perm is covered up by the hair rebond and my hair does not look as dry as before. It is definitely smoother and healthier-looking now.

Thank you The Comb Hair Studio for the awesome hair treatment! If you are interested, you can look for Bella (She is the stylist in my photos)

12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
+65 6438 3138

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