Saturday, 6 June 2015

Thai Boat Noodles @ Bedok Point

When I heard of this $1 Thai boat noodle, I was like, "SERIOUS? $1, for real? Got such a good deal meh!" $1 for a bowl of noodle seems impossible in Singapore nowadays. I then realized it's $1 for a really tiny little bowl. Haha, but the concept is pretty interesting. It just makes me wonder, how much bowls they will have to clean every single day. 

Bedok Point is really near my place so it was really convenient to travel down just to try it out. I then realized that it is the exact same outlet as Khun Mee Thai (, except that they have changed their branding and the size of their noodle bowls. 

There are 3 types of mini bowls - Mini Boat Noodle (Dry/ Soup) ($1) and the Tom Yam Noodle ($1.50)

I started off my order with 1 each, since I wanted to do a taste test before ordering more. As usual, Tom Yam would be my favourite.

Let's just say... their gimmick is really smart. One mouthful of noodles for $1.

Sounds really cheap but in actual fact, if you accumulate those dollars, the bill can be quite expensive.. depending on your appetite. To be honest, both my bf and I were not even in our top eating condition that day as we had a really late lunch, and the bill was already almost $40. It's not expensive, but not as cheap as it sounds.

I have not tried Thai boat noodles in Thailand before so I cannot really comment about the authenticity of the taste. I find that the pork soup is a little salty, but my bf likes it (He prefers salty things). I would prefer the soup to the dry one though. Perhaps the peanuts in the dry thai boat noodles were a little too overpowering and sweet. One of my favourites is the pork ball and I even ordered an extra bowl of it just to satiate my cravings.

The thai boat noodles were not exactly that fantastic, but it is the small bowl of noodles that attracts me. Just like how mini laksa bowls attract me during buffets. Instead of having just one dish for the entire meal, I can now have a few different flavors at a mini portion.

Now comes my favourite dish of the day - Tom Yam Noodle

The kick of the Tom Yam was quite good - spicy and sour. Very addictive. Considering that each bowl has a prawn in it, the price of $1.50 is not too bad.

The Ba Mee ($5.80) is similar to the one they had previously in Khun Mee Thai. But I feel that the portion is quite small for this price and I might not order it in the future.

Overall, Thai Boat Noodles is a quite an interesting restaurant to visit given that it's almost impossible to find $1 dishes in restaurants nowadays. Remember to take photo of the total amount of bowls you ordered! (Sadly, I forgotten to) And if you are a big ENORMOUS eater, maybe you can try to take part in their eating contest?

Thai Boat Noodle
799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point 
#02-32/34 Singapore 467351 (Bedok MRT)
Tel: +65 64459932

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