Thursday, 23 July 2015

DreamWorks Animation Exhibition @ The ArtScience Museum

Heyhey I'm back again for another post. Quite some time ago, I visited the DreamWorks Animation with my mum, bro and cousin's family. Having watched many DreamWorks movies like Madagascar, Shrek, How to Train your Dragon, and many more, I've always wondered about the behind-the-scenes of those animation works. Such tremendous efforts are required to create a movie and these creators deserved to be credited for their hard work! 

Enjoy the photos (: 

The first section of the exhibition shows the evolution of the different characters, and even though they are non-coloured, I found them pretty interesting to look at. Check out all the small details of each figurine! 

For me, I enjoyed looking at the portraits as I have more of a "drawing interest", rather than "clay modelling". 

When I saw this photo, I just had to take a photo! Cute PUSS IN BOOTS!

There were some activities provided in the exhibition as well - Face Poser.

In every animated movie, facial expression is always the most essential part because it brings the story to life. At this activity section, I can pick my favourite DreamWorks character and create my own favourite facial expression. 

I'm definitely not going to go for the "pretty/ normal/ cute" look.

Because I'm sadistic, I'll make the characters look as hideous as possible. HAHAHA. Here are our wonderful creations! 

This is a section that shows us a small clip of the interesting creation of Shrek and the cute gingerbread man.

Can you guess which movie does these sceneries belong to?

One of the best parts of the exhibition is when we were given a chance to create our own animation masterpiece. Actually I have learnt it before during my Art classes long time ago, but it's fun to try it out again!

Drawing out every single frame is really tedious even though it's just stickman drawings, I think we took more than half and hour just to create a 3 second video. Can you imagine how tough it would be to create an entire story filled with colours and super fine details? Don't laugh at our video!

We also had a basic Claymation tutorial class which costs $5 per person (Not inclusive of the admission tickets). We were each given a small block of clay to create different frames, rather similar to the drawn animation previously. I thought this was more interesting though. And being sadistic again, we did a "rather violent" theme, so young children please don't watch hahahhaha. 

In case you didn't understand our video, here's the summary of our "creative" story. 

Red man travelling on black horse + Black man travelling on tortoise in the jungle one day --> Snake appear half way --> Black man got scared and roll off the tortoise away from the screen, Red man fall off from the horse and roll away --> Snake ate up the horse --> Red man found a knife and come back to the chop the snake into half --> Succeeded and shows a evil smile HAHA. 

How's our story? 

Anyway there was an incident which made us quite upset. We weren't aware that the tickets were strictly for one-time entrance. That's not the main issue, the problem is that the claymation workshop is at 2+pm, and it's located OUTSIDE the DreamWorks exhibition. So it's almost impossible to finish enjoying the exhibition within 1 hour.

Turns out that we are not the only ones facing this problem, as there are people who accidentally step out of the "supposedly exit section" into the shop to browse some products, and they were not allowed back into the exhibition. It's really not their fault as the area to the exit is quite big and there is no clear partition to represent an exit/ entrance.

Well at least at the end of the day, they understand what's wrong and allowed us back into the exhibition after our workshop.

End of short rant :P

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