Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tart Blanc @ Millennia Walk

I'm always searching for great deals online when I have nothing to do. Turned out that I was lucky enough to find a Groupon deal for tart blanc which is located at Millennia Walk.  It's a small little cafe which mainly serves tarts and sandwiches/ wraps. Let's just say that the tart is really the focus of this cafe as the other food is not too impressive for my liking. 

Anyway I don't think that the groupon voucher is available anymore, but if you are curious, I paid $25 for $50 worth of voucher. That means it's 50% off and I think it's really worth the deal. Actually $50 seems a little too much, but I think it's always better to order more than to try and pick the cheapest item on the menu. Since it's half priced, why not right? #justeatonly

A day before visiting the cafe, I was already searching for photos online and also the hashtag on instagram to look at the yummilicous tarts. I spotted a Miffy design on Instagram but it was not available that day. The cute yellow chick was pretty tempting too but I wasn't interested in the favour, so I decided to go for taste instead of looks. 

The wraps were not really worth the money as the meat was very tough and dry, and I had a really hard time chewing on them. 

Anyway check out the cute minions! So happy to be able to collect the entire set of minions! (My fave set) ♥

But fortunately, the tarts were wowww! Totally worth your money spent.

Tiramisu Tart
Espresso shell with Jivara ganache, Coffee genoise and Mascarpone mousse

Don't be belittled by this plain looking tart, it's packed with layers of awesomeness on the inside when I cut it open. The tart is worth the price also because it's super filling. One is probably enough if you are ordering other savoury food as well. I like the bittersweet flavor of the Tiramisu and the richness of the Mascarpone. The tart is definitely quite heavy for a dessert because of the cream and ganache.

Earl Grey Chocolate Tart
Nutella feuilletine, Marshmallow, Chocolate sponge, and Earl Grey jivara creameux 

Hahaha omg, I can't even understand the ingredients, but judging from the words nutella, marshmallow and earl grey, I think the tart cannot go wrong. The marshmallow creme added some gooey texture to the tart. Overall, it tastes great and the earl grey flavor was very distinct. Maybe less chocolate would be more suitable for my palate.

Banana Chocolate Silk Tart
Marinated banana, Caramel sauce, Roasted banana cream, and Chocolate silk cream
(Best seller)

No doubt this tart deserves to be the best seller of the menu. Sweet and decadent. I didn't order this but I stole quite a few bites. The banana helped to balance the sweetness and they were super generous with the cream on the top. Chocolate and banana is always one of the best combinations ever.

I can't wait for them to promote their vouchers on Groupon again! :P Will definitely get the vouchers again but perhaps the $12.50 for $25 one instead since I'm just interested in the tarts alone! 

Tart Blanc
Millennia walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard

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