Friday, 7 August 2015

#We1Sugar POP MY CHERRY Event

Last weekend, Amie brought me to the We1Sugar Pop my Cherry event as her plus one! Before the actual party at Canvas, we had an opportunity to cafehop around the Serangoon x Hougang neighborhood, which was pretty awesome since I have never explored that area before. Our first meet up point is at Hatter Street, which is our first cafehopping location. I probably wouldn't go into full details on the review, but I'll just share some mouthwatering photos to tempt you and maybe recommend some outstanding dishes! 

Hatter Street
212 Hougang Street 21, 530212

The first cafe that we went to has set the standards too high. I'm in love with 2 out of the 3 dishes already. Especially the Smoked Sawdust Pudding which is love at first bite. Creme Brulees and puddings have always been my favourite type of desserts and I enjoyed that extra smoky scent which may not be palatable to many. 

The cafe also had so many pretty props around for photo-taking purposes. One of the essential part of my cafehopping process is to take insta-worthy photos! 

The Pandan Ice cream Whoa'ffles with Gula Melaka sauce is definitely worth a try as well! 

Tai Lei Loi Kei
23 Serangoon Central, #B2-15, Nex, 556083

Since I had a sweet tooth craving on that day, I only took small bites of some dishes, plus the standard was not impressive. I particularly like the curry fishball as it reminded me of the Hong Kong street food (Though the standard is still quite far apart of course). The chicken wings look overcooked as well.

Bee's Cake
520 Upper Serangoon Rd, 534537

Back to sweet desserts again! I was pretty excited to try out the cakes that Bee's Cake offer. They served us Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Country Apple Cake and Chocolate Praline Cake. My favourite was the Red Velvet and Country Apple Cake. The Apple cake had that nice crunchy texture that was quite appetizing. 

Bee's Cake has quite a small store front as it caters more to online orders or takeaways! So do take note! 

CANDID SHOT! We were like awkwardly laughing inside to take this hahahahha.

Anyway, I haven't really tried to cafehop to so many places before so by then I was already feeling a little lazy and tired. But it's so fun when you have good company! (:

Brunches Cafe
218381, 96 Rangoon Rd, 218381

I wow-ed the moment I entered the place, the ambience of Brunches Cafe is so beautiful down to every single detail. I really like the rustic countryside vibe. And they even have a vintage car that you can sit in for a meal!! If I ever visit this cafe again, I'll definitely request for the "car table".

Well, unfortunately, the food did not live up to the standard of its looks. The food was pretty average and I didn't take a second bite of the chicken wings because it was way too salty. Not just for me, but quite a few others agreed too. But their restaurant theme and design really deserves a mention! 

House of Commons
138 Owen Rd, 218939

Actually by the time we reached this cafe, we barely had much time to eat. At every stop, we gave ourselves like probably 15 minutes or more for photos, and only 5 minutes to eat OMG. Hahaha. That's what happens when you eat with bloggers, photos first!

Cafe Salivation
176 Race Course Rd, 218607

Cafe Salivation is a western vegetarian cafe for non-meat lovers and vegetarians!
My favourite was the lasagna because of the extra spiciness in it, so even if there's no meat, NO PROBLEM :D


Anyway, we were quite late for the party at Canvas. Imagine all that rush and we are still late ):

Thankfully we didn't miss out much. When we reached the place, we were invited to paint on the guys hahahha. Amie was asking how much they get paid to do this. Want to make a guess? :D I didn't know what to draw so I wrote my initials and draw a smiley face ☺

Maybe should have wrote my Instagram and self-promote right? HAHA KIDDING.

There were free henna services as well, and I have been wanting to try, but usually it costs at least $10-20, so I can't bear to spend. Not sure if there are cheaper ones out there though. I requested for a dreamcatcher design since I'm in love with the intricate details of a dreamcatcher. TADAH~ But walking around with the half-dried henna tattoo was a little troublesome. I ended up peeling off the dried flakes because it's just too addictive to rub it off.

Amie asked me to join her for the Maki-san sushi contest so I said yes! We were given Sushi ingredients and the maki to decorate on the tray. Winners will be judged by the design and the voting on Instagram. S for Sugar, S for sushi! And S for spherepiece (Amie's IG)!

I've always enjoyed the plating process since I found that it is a form of art as well. Really glad that our teamwork was great! (Together with another young boy) Because we actually won first prize! We got $50 CapitaLand mall vouchers each!

To be honest, I've been wanting to try Makisan since a very long time. So glad that Sugar has Makisan! But they are always sold out very early.

Snapchat: @m0nice93 (The 0 is zero)

If you are still not aware what is the Sugar app, it is actually an app where you can (skim) bring down the price of the listed items. Each person can only skim a particular item once a day. When more people skim the product, it will become cheaper. Sometimes to a ridiculously cheap price like $1. You can proceed to purchase the item if you are satisfied with the product, OR just wait for more people to skim it (But you will risk the item being sold out!)

Each listed product is only limited to one each day.

I have briefly mentioned this in my other blog post before:

Remember to check it out! :D

Till then!

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