Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The simplest pleasures in life

I've never felt so strongly about something before. It's like I've found myself a goal in future. It might be something small now, but it doesn't matter. At least I know my direction, my goal. Whether it can flourish into something bigger in the future is not the main point, the fact is, I've found something that truly makes me happy and satisfied. Be it as a form of hobby or a business, people associate me with the girl who bakes. That makes me happy.

I can stand in the kitchen the entire day just to bake non-stop. To be honest, I hate being in hot surroundings and air-con is essential for my daily activities. But whenever I'm busy in the kitchen, discomfort is never a big issue for me. I might have short term attention span sometimes, but hours pass by like a breeze when I'm baking. This kind of satisfaction can never be gained elsewhere. My dad always comment that I'm always smiling to myself whenever I walk out of the kitchen with a tray of my bakes. You know that this is your passion, if you're smiling even though you have worked for several hours continuously.

The simplest pleasures in life is just about finding something you truly enjoy.
I think I have found mine. Have you? ☺

Thursday, 17 September 2015

My USS date with Jessica

I haven't been to USS for such a long long long time.. I think ever since Battlestar Galactica was closed, I never bothered going there plus my annual pass was expired then. But Jessica asked me the other day, so I thought why not since the rides have been reopened and there's a new Puss in Boots ride! To be honest, I went into USS with the mindset of "chilling" instead of chionging on all the rides. Because without the express pass, it's almost impossible :/

Anyway I drove and parked at RWS carpark, it's soooo expensive I cannot believe it. I parked for 8 hours and the parking fee was $28 ): Oh my goodness. If I wasn't rushing for that day I would have parked somewhere else in Sentosa. Okay, fine. Time is money. I shall make myself feel better that way.

Anyway we headed straight to the Battlestar ride and the timing of the Q just jumped exponentially. Luckily we went in earlier because later on it went up to 2 frigging hours. I will not Q for that! I wish I had an Apple watch so that I can scroll through messages & Instagram while queuing though hahaha. Anyway I was telling Jessica the other time, when my bro & I were queuing for this, there was a delay & we just gave up queuing. Never expected that my mouth can be so suay, at probably the almost exact spot, delay announcement was made! ); Next time I shut up.

We probably queued for 45 minutes already and you know.. Escalation of commitment right? We just endured and waited, luckily it resumed after a while. But quite a number of people gave up half way. When the Q resumed, these 2 guys came back into the Q in which Jessica recognized. But another guy tagged along. He still refused to leave the Q. So Jessica told the staff when he reached the ride (which is after 20-30 min of Q) and he was kicked out. Haha I feel kinda bad for him because it must be so frustrating. But then again, who cares right. He cut our Q and it's unfair to everyone behind us.

Okay, rant done. 

Anyway the battlestar ride seats have been cut down to 2 per row instead of the usual 4. The duration of the ride is also much faster now. Good thing is that I get to enjoy more thrill, bad thing? The Q will take about TWICE as long! I told Jessica to pick the last seat because of this logic.

First seat get first view which is kinda awesome, BUT, the first seats will have to wait for the last seats to reach the peak before it accelerates faster to go down. So if you imagine the big picture, the last seats get the best thrill and adrenaline rush.

Get what I mean? Next time you can experiment.

After about 2 rides, we're both bored of queuing and decided to walk around for OOTDs. 2 vain girls paying to go into USS for photo taking HAHA. Technically, I'm the only paying since she has the pass. Photos come first! :D

This is such a beautiful place for photos!! So much bricks and wood. 

Anyway both times I'm with Jessica, both times there's some weird people taking photo of us taking photo of each other .__. Anyway, Jessica was saying if only we brought more clothes to change! Yes yes ): 

When you feel that you're not looking good that day, just look away from camera HAHA. 

It's my first ride on Puss in Boots Giant Journey! The only reason why I like Puss in Boots is because of its big cute teary-looking eye which makes you go totally "awwwwww". Must pose with my cute Puss in Boots souvenir bottle flask! It's probably the only souvenir bottle that is really worth the money because I've used it a couple of times at USS. My favourite Green guava slush!! Pink guava would be perfect, I kinda hated the green :/

*Acting busy with phone*

Do I look anything like a minion?

The cheeky minion~ Haha

That's all I guess! It has been quite some time since I've written a personal post like this. Hopefully there will be more chance in the future!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Shopping with

Sponsored Review:

I think I have a really really bad habit. The busier I am with school assignments, the bigger the craving I have for shopping. Especially online "window-shopping", which turned out to be non-window after a while (If you get what I mean). Do you ever feel like you don't really have a particular thing to buy, but you just need to be scrolling and clicking away on shopping websites just to have that satisfaction?

Lazada is like a one-stop shopping destination to me because it has endless choices like a mega mart, it has almost EVERYTHING (Not kiddin'). It's such a convenient platform because at the left sidebar, you can straightaway pick from the categories including fashion, beauty, electronics, travel, home and living, and even home appliances. 

The best thing is that prices are slashed drastically for some products as compared to other places. Can never say no to discounts right?

Here are some products that I would like to share! 

When I clicked into, the first section that I went to was the bakeware category. #ConfessionsOfABakingAddict. I was so ecstatic the moment I caught my eyes on this set of fondant decorating tools! I usually get my baking supplies at Phoon Huat, if not at TOTT store, but some of the prices are way too expensive. Just one piece of tool by itself can easily cost $7. But this entire set is only $20+! *Shocked beyond words* I have been taking in orders for fondant cupcakes recently and these tools would really come in handy!


I came across a photo similar to this on Facebook the other day, and I found it really interesting. One pan fits all! So instead of cooking the ingredients separately and wasting time, or mixing them up altogether, you can categorize the food like that! I really wish I had a pan like that in the kitchen, which saves so much effort and time while cooking up a breakfast. 

When I first bought my NX mini, I was quite disappointed with the case because it doesn't protect the entire camera. I don't really get why Samsung doesn't sell the full protective case anyway. But I gave up looking for one and just dump my camera into some ugly black pouch. Can't believe I tolerated that for so long. This is especially useful if you are bringing your camera outdoor and you wouldn't want to risk causing any scratches! I chose white so that it will match my mint green! 


DW watches might be a little mainstream, but I love its simplicity. So far, I only own one watch which is pink and all bling, supposedly bought to match my Pandora necklace. But sometimes, I prefer something more down to earth, simple, and classy at the same time. Best of all, prices are slashed from $200 to about $150+. 

This is the next perfume that will be going into my collection of fragrances! Branded perfumes can be really really pricey! And if you do not have that kind of budget, perhaps you can try out these tester perfumes. A tester version comes without the fancy packaging and the cap, but they are all directly from the manufacturer. If I can save 60% to forgo the cap, it's really tempting! 

I have been using my cute bear and sheep decal sticker ever since I bought my Macbook and I have been wanting to look for something better for a change. Being the Minions lover, I just randomly searched for "Minions" on the search bar and I saw this! Totally relatable with the chef hats and the baking tray! I might seriously consider purchasing this the next round because I love baking & minions so much! 

I have always been into white and off shoulder outfits for a very long time. This dress is really sweet-looking with the lacy effects and flowy design. Love it! If I pair it with a gladiator sandals, I can achieve the bohemian look as well. There's a ton of other apparels on sale as well, I just felt that at this moment, I am probably more interested in other categories. 

Love the striking pink of this electric scooter! Sometimes I can be really lazy to even walk! #FirstWorldProblems But anyway this scooter looks cute for kids to play as well! It's foldable and compact and if you are always visiting the park with small kids, this might be a pretty good investment for kids to play with! It comes in many other colours as well, just that most of the time, I will pick PINK. 

I just fell in love with this polaroid instax camera the moment I landed on this page. RILAKKUMA! OMG. It's such a super cute camera that I would love to bring out. Polaroid cameras might be a little bulky for me but I love collecting the polaroid prints that I take with my friends. They are definitely more precious than normal digital photos in my opinion. And I have all my polaroid photos pasted on my desk wall right in front of me. 

Even though I prefer Rilakkuma, this is too cute not to share. Polaroid cam in Hello Kitty head shape?! So pretty!! 

I can't stop emphasizing how bad the air is recently because of the HAZE. I have friends complaining about the haze affecting their eyes, making them cough and sneeze. Seriously, it can be really annoying when you smell burnt stuff even when you are at home indoors. An air purifier and humidifier can be really useful in such cases especially if you have sensitive nose. I have a few machines at home! (Though it's a different brand). Seriously, it makes your lives a lot better. More refreshing too. 

Lazada will be holding a huge campaign featuring huge discounts and a flash sale on 15 september. Remember to check it out!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Media Invite: Elite Fridays @ The Exchange

Hey guys I'm back again! Was invited by Irene and Franc to the launch of Elite Fridays Party at The Exchange recently. And even though I don't frequent bars, I must say I had a great time chilling with cocktails and some delicious bar bites. 

The Exchange is a modern Australasian inspired multi-layered dining concept that provides a comfortable, high-end and simultaneously informal space as a confluence point for anyone, including professionals and executives through to couples and friends. 

Besides 1-for-1 housepour spirits and San Miguel beer deals, the Australasian-inspired restaurant and bar brings an extra flair to Friday nights at the Marina Bay financial district with exclusively concocted vodka martinis and featuring two different local female DJs every Friday.

It's a great place to chill with your friends especially before you head to party. Since it's located at CBD area, it makes travelling even more convenient. 

Latvia Lemon Drop (left), Artesian Apple Martini (right)
Well, since I'm not very good with alcohol, I stared at the menu for quite a bit while being indecisive at the same time. So I decided to just go for something sweet and sour. Probably more of sour. So Thina, the bar manager of The Exchange, made me a glass of "Latvia" Lemon Drop - Stoll premium vodka, cointreau, galliano, lime juice. 

Personally, the drink has quite a good kick as it tasted pretty concentrated to me. Some bars/ restaurants serve really diluted cocktails which is probably a waste of your money. I think I prefer sour taste because it tends to cover up a little of the alcohol taste, but I heard that it makes you get drunk faster too? Some say that girls tend to prefer sweet drinks though! I'm different! 

Here's Thina who was serving us with exquisite drinks that evening. If you're curious, here is some background info about him. After having a small talk with him, we found out that he have worked in several places before with 14 years of experience. Wow. His peak of bartending experience was to serve 500 guests in a single night at one of the best cocktail bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Such efficiency. And Thina also mixes his very own signature cocktails as well as infusing alcohol. 

Check out his awesome moves here hahaha.

Chocolate "Passion" Martini - stolled premium vodka, cacao white, Bailey's, low fat fresh milk. Usually a perfect typical girl's drink because of chocolate. But turned out that I am not a fan of chocolate drinks HAHA. I enjoyed the Hershey Chocolate and milk for sure, but somehow I prefer normal liquer as compared to milk-based. Anyway, the glass is first coated with Hershey Choc so the drink is quite chocolatey! But not for me :D

Chocolate Passion Martini
"Fruity" Lychee Martini - Stoli premium vodka, bols lychee and lychee juice. A drink for girls too? I was totally aiming for that lychee on the stick though. Lychee soaked in alcohol (; Yums. But I still prefer lemon and lime flavor.

Anyway, the bar bites are packed with so much flavours. Some of which are perfect complement with the cocktail drinks. I especially love the chicken wings which had a little spice to it. The beef was also tender and juicy which I didn't had much expectations when I first put it into my mouth.

These miniature bottles are super cute btw!

The Exchange is located at the award-winning Asia Square Tower One, 8 Marina View #01-05,Singapore 018960. The bar opens 8.30pm to 10pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, 8.30pm to 2am on Wednesdays and Fridays, and 8.30pm to midnight on Thursdays. Reservations can be made via telephone at +65 6636 1200 or email Elite Fridays at the Exchange will commence on 28 August 2015, and continue every Friday thereafter.

Thanks for the invite! ☺