Thursday, 17 September 2015

My USS date with Jessica

I haven't been to USS for such a long long long time.. I think ever since Battlestar Galactica was closed, I never bothered going there plus my annual pass was expired then. But Jessica asked me the other day, so I thought why not since the rides have been reopened and there's a new Puss in Boots ride! To be honest, I went into USS with the mindset of "chilling" instead of chionging on all the rides. Because without the express pass, it's almost impossible :/

Anyway I drove and parked at RWS carpark, it's soooo expensive I cannot believe it. I parked for 8 hours and the parking fee was $28 ): Oh my goodness. If I wasn't rushing for that day I would have parked somewhere else in Sentosa. Okay, fine. Time is money. I shall make myself feel better that way.

Anyway we headed straight to the Battlestar ride and the timing of the Q just jumped exponentially. Luckily we went in earlier because later on it went up to 2 frigging hours. I will not Q for that! I wish I had an Apple watch so that I can scroll through messages & Instagram while queuing though hahaha. Anyway I was telling Jessica the other time, when my bro & I were queuing for this, there was a delay & we just gave up queuing. Never expected that my mouth can be so suay, at probably the almost exact spot, delay announcement was made! ); Next time I shut up.

We probably queued for 45 minutes already and you know.. Escalation of commitment right? We just endured and waited, luckily it resumed after a while. But quite a number of people gave up half way. When the Q resumed, these 2 guys came back into the Q in which Jessica recognized. But another guy tagged along. He still refused to leave the Q. So Jessica told the staff when he reached the ride (which is after 20-30 min of Q) and he was kicked out. Haha I feel kinda bad for him because it must be so frustrating. But then again, who cares right. He cut our Q and it's unfair to everyone behind us.

Okay, rant done. 

Anyway the battlestar ride seats have been cut down to 2 per row instead of the usual 4. The duration of the ride is also much faster now. Good thing is that I get to enjoy more thrill, bad thing? The Q will take about TWICE as long! I told Jessica to pick the last seat because of this logic.

First seat get first view which is kinda awesome, BUT, the first seats will have to wait for the last seats to reach the peak before it accelerates faster to go down. So if you imagine the big picture, the last seats get the best thrill and adrenaline rush.

Get what I mean? Next time you can experiment.

After about 2 rides, we're both bored of queuing and decided to walk around for OOTDs. 2 vain girls paying to go into USS for photo taking HAHA. Technically, I'm the only paying since she has the pass. Photos come first! :D

This is such a beautiful place for photos!! So much bricks and wood. 

Anyway both times I'm with Jessica, both times there's some weird people taking photo of us taking photo of each other .__. Anyway, Jessica was saying if only we brought more clothes to change! Yes yes ): 

When you feel that you're not looking good that day, just look away from camera HAHA. 

It's my first ride on Puss in Boots Giant Journey! The only reason why I like Puss in Boots is because of its big cute teary-looking eye which makes you go totally "awwwwww". Must pose with my cute Puss in Boots souvenir bottle flask! It's probably the only souvenir bottle that is really worth the money because I've used it a couple of times at USS. My favourite Green guava slush!! Pink guava would be perfect, I kinda hated the green :/

*Acting busy with phone*

Do I look anything like a minion?

The cheeky minion~ Haha

That's all I guess! It has been quite some time since I've written a personal post like this. Hopefully there will be more chance in the future!

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