Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Collagen Hotpot with the girls

Life has been hectic recently, that explains the lack of posts on this blog.. Besides I've taken up my passion for baking and with the influx of assignments from school, I just don't have any more brain juice left for blogging. I guess a personal post would be something that is easier to write and more close to heart. I honestly do miss the times where I just jot down the bits and pieces of my life on my blog, without having any pressure to craft a high quality post. 

I think I've recently added Collagen hotpot into my list of all-time cravings. And since my girls are craving for it as well, we decided to head down for a collagen feast!! I swear it's really delicious and worth the money. Not just the money, but the waiting time as well. We reached there pretty early so there were seats, but I have ever queued 1 hour 30 min twice. I have to say it is really worth it. But I'll probably not queue more than that :/

If you're interested in the review, you can read more here: http://mons-diary.blogspot.com/2014/11/tsukuda-nojo-jitokko-chicken-collagen.html

Mandatory photo before we start our feast!!! (I'm craving for the soup as I'm typing this T_T)

OH! And I was telling them that I was really tempted to try the "jelly-like collagen" before it starts boiling and dissolving. I did try it out the other time, and let me describe the texture.. It feels like the layer of jelly fats between the meat and skin of the chicken. But with stronger chicken taste. I wouldn't say it's pleasant or very unpleasant.. quite weird since it's still cold, but if you are curious just give it a try ok? :D

The staff made us really happy and excited because they drew our faces which could be easily differentiated based on our hairstyles. Left is me, middle is Jessica with her "pointy hair" and Val with her short hair. SOOOO THOUGHTFUL T_T

This is what girls do when they meet up... OOTDs and selfies!!

Look at my shitty curls ): I want to perm my hair again soon!!!

Hahahaha Plaza sing was so crowded that day that I had to park the car all the way at the rooftop (Level 8) T_T So when Jessica & I made our way there to get the car, she was telling me, "Omg we have to take OOTD here!!" My very first #carparkOOTD hahaha. Too bad it turned out blur plus the lighting was real bad. 

Anywayyyy thanks girls for making my day!!! <3 

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