Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Official last day of school

Tuesday was my official last day of school and I had so much mixed feelings about it. It's so weird how I wanted to always graduate as early as I can. But when the day finally arrived, I feel like I am going to miss school life. (Especially the fact that I cannot wake up late anymore hahaha)

Many have asked about my plans for the future. I initially intended to take on some baking courses but unfortunately the timing clashes with my U.S. trip.. And the subsequent ones are too late. 

So I'll probably just take a 2 months break after I come back from U.S. and will focus on my baking business while looking for a job. It's quite funny that whenever I tell someone I might want to work in BreadTalk, they will give me a shocked face thinking that I want to work there as a baker. Nah, I study Business and International Trade for a reason haha. 

Since it's my last day of school, OOTD is mandatory!! Thanks Jamie for taking these photos for me!! 

I've met awesome friends over the 3 years plus and I am really thankful to have them in my life. If you don't see our photos here, it's not that I don't consider you as a friend. Most of the photos I've uploaded are quite recent except for the first few.. some are too ancient and I'm too embarrassed to upload it here hahaha.



My fave module
So I guess now I will just have to embrace the new chapter of my life...

But before that, I will be enjoying first! Looking forward to my trip to U.S.! (;

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