Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sarah's Pancake @ East Village (Halal)

Thanks to Miss Tam Chiak's blog post, I managed to find out about Sarah's Pancake Cafe @ East Village which is halal. Perfect, because I was out with a Muslim friend of mine. I haven't been to East Village before but Khad told me that it's a place where Malays usually hang out. I figured out so since I noticed many Malay shops and eateries in the vicinity. 

Back to Sarah's Pancake Cafe, I was already spoilt for choices when it comes to the selection of pancakes. And being a pasta lover, I actually had a temporary dilemma.

Pastas? Or pancakes? Or pasta. Hmmmm

Since this is called a Pancakes Cafe, I guess there's no reason why I should go with pasta instead. Now to the next dilemma, sweet or savoury pancakes? Am I the only one always caught in this frustrating situation?

I placed my best bet on Ala Mak! since it is the chef's pick and I was attracted to the words "coconut", "spicy" and "otah". 

Ala Mak!

The pancakes were soft and fluffy but I almost forgotten that the pancakes were supposed to be coconut and pandan flavors because I could not taste any. I suspected that the spicy tomato relish could be overpowering so I tried the pancakes itself, but they tasted like ordinary pancakes. But since the otah, poached eggs and spicy relish totalled up to be a great combination, I guess I could forgo about the missing coconut. I also added on grilled prawns for $3 to complete the dish. 


Khad chose the sweet pancakes instead. And btw, my photo-taking process is not the cause of this melting ice-cream haha. It was already melting when it was served, which is a little disappointing. 

Hazelnut Latte

The hazelnut latte is nowhere coffee to me though. It's not really about the acidity or bitterness, but the coffee taste is missing. And I couldn't even finish half cup of it.. I would prefer spending my $5+ on something else.

Unfortunately, it's a hit and miss with the pancake dishes. With a similar price range, Strictly Pancakes is still a much better pancakes cafe with higher standard, except that it is not yet halal certified!

Sarah's Pancake
430 Upper Changi Road 
Singapore 487048

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