Tuesday, 23 February 2016

ShopBack: Make up for less with Sephora promo codes and more

You know what’s more addictive than shopping? Online shopping! It’s becoming more and more convenient (well, and extremely irresistible) because of all the ads that follow you everywhere on the Internet. Supposedly annoying but I still never fail to fall for that trap, sighhh. Now, the trick to shop without guilt is to learn how to SHOP SMARTLY. 

I used to save money from completely shutting off the shopping temptation (that’s honestly pretty sad). But to achieve that balance of satisfaction from splurging and saving; is to actually save while I shop! 

Thanks to ShopBack, I got dressed with a ZALORA voucher code and saved extra $11! And that's on top of any discount vouchers I have already used. 

Shopping experience with ShopBack and Zalora:

$119.4 - $15.41 (15% Zalora voucher) - $6.31 (Cashback from ShopBack) - $5 (Bonus from ShopBack) = $92

This amounts to total of $26.72 savings! Which is equivalent to getting a new top.
(What a shopaholic right?)

Disclaimer: I have not gotten the real cashback yet but from other reviews, I believe that this is legit! 

"Save so much?! You sure a not?"

The steps are really simple! 

1) Pick from your favourite store brand to start shopping! (Remember to read the T&C) The page clearly tells you how much you can save on. (E.g. up to 5% Cashback) Click on SHOP NOW and you will be linked to the brand website (Remember not to change browsers!)

2) Add your favourite items in your the shop cart and check out as per normal. 

3) Just wait for your Cashback to appear in your ShopBack account (Depending on the brand). I got mine back within 4 hours and there's even an Email notification to inform me! 

4) Cash out to PayPal or bank account when you have accumulated redeemable Cashback of $10.00! I love how I am getting back real cash and not just "shopping points"! This is called REAL SAVINGS. 

Here are some good points about ShopBack from my own personal experience:

There are absolutely no hidden costs!

I mean its perfectly normal for us to get skeptical over money-saving websites which claims to help us save on this or that. Sometimes, the rebates are not valid for ongoing promotions and other discounts. Which makes the whole thing pointless because I might have vouchers that could save me more money. I have to say that I am surprised this is not the case for ShopBack. 

I could still use most of my Zalora vouchers! (except for codes starting with ZBAP) This means that ShopBack gives me extra savings without cheating my feelings. 

You can save money at over 100 stores! 

These are just some of the latest vouchers at ShopBack. I haven't tried exploring the rest of the brands yet because there's simply too many! From now on, I will definitely check for discounts on ShopBack before I shop online anywhere. Can't afford to miss any good deals right?

Maybe I can go on a vacation with an Expedia voucher code next time! 8% savings on flight and hotel prices is quite substantial after all. 

New user bonuses and friend referral rewards!

More rewards = more savings = more motivation to start using ShopBack. 

Btw, you can also continue to accumulate more savings by sharing this awesome platform with your family and friends (both of you can earn $5 each)!  

I am really glad that ShopBack invited me to write this post because now I can start saving money while I shop and splurge. 

And you can also grab a Reebonz discount code too!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Attractions to Visit at Las Vegas (Part 1)

I can't believe it has been 8-9 years since my last trip to Las Vegas. I vaguely remembered watching Circus and Magic shows as well as peeking into hotel casinos from the corridor. Such disappointment when you aren't 21 yet. But apart from all the nightlife and gambling, Las Vegas actually has a decent number of fun and thrilling attractions suitable for family vacations. My dad found out about this 1 day Power Pass which is very pocket-friendly if you are able to maximize the number of attractions you visit.

We rented a car out of convenience and we actually managed to visit 7 attractions in 1 day! I am quite impressive with my dad's itinerary. You can actually squeeze in more if you want!

We visited these attractions in sequence.

1) Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat @ Mirage

We had a close-up view of the dolphins undergoing training but precisely because they were only half-trained, one should enter the dolphin habitat without any high expectations. The trainers also gave a talk about Dolphins if you wish to learn more about them. I suggest you visit Sea World in San Diego if you want to watch performances instead. 

The Secret Garden resembles a mini zoo with Lions, Tigers & Leopards. But I was left disappointed looking at an underweight lion. I felt sad for some of the animals because they look so lethargic and lonely, especially the lion. It doesn't help that their enclosure is so cramped and small for some.

I personally feel that visiting a proper zoo is more worth the time & money but since this is part of the package, why not?

I really like this photo taken by my dad! 

2) Lion Habitat Ranch

I was initially packed with excitement when I read from reviews that we are allowed to carry lion cubs. CARRY LION CUBS. Can you believe how thrilled I was?! Being able to feed lions when I was in Japan was already one of the most memorable experiences for me, and being able to carry lion cubs is just a whole new level.

But nope, the lion habitat ranch just contained several cages of lions. And perhaps giraffes and parrots at the other end. The price to feed giraffes was also daylight robbery.

Well, at least we got to watch the zookeepers feed the lions from a closer view. Ad we could sit on the driver's seat to take a photo with a lion right at the back.

3) Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix Family Fun Center (#8/11) - Free Pizza & soft drinks

Things started to get more exciting with the Mini Grand Prix as we enjoy thrilling attractions. I have tried several mini go kart rides at theme parks, but those cannot be compared to this. The speed is quite fast and I can even drift the car around the corners.

But the wind is no joke, my face and hands were already freezing halfway through the 5-10 min ride. Remember to wear some gloves if the weather is cold!

The pizzas were surprisingly delicious, and they are free of charge! We were allowed to choose 2 toppings each, so we did some mix and match and shared the pizzas instead. My dad was clever to plan this attraction during lunch hour so that we can save on our lunch.

Free food isn't always bad hahaha.

Stay tuned for part 2! (: There's even more fun attractions that I would like to share more about!