Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I'll never go back to Marmalade Pantry again

I don't usually write really bad reviews on my blog, but I think this is worth mentioning because I was really upset that the price of the food did not deliver in terms of quality and taste.

I was really looking forward to dinner because I was really hungry that day and I was very excited to meet my Uni friends for a catch up session. I chose the outlet at Novena (Oasia Hotel) since I had a 1-for-1 mains promotion on my Entertainer app. But even with the discounts, what we paid for was still not worth it at all. This might or might not be a one-off problem, but it has definitely left me a very negative impression, and I never want to go back there again.

My friend was shocked when I told her the truth about my personal experience, because she thought that Marmalade Pantry is a cafe worth visiting. But here's my verdict.

Since I paid about $10 for a cup of milkshake, it is only reasonable for me to expect a creamy, thick and naturally-sweet tasting milkshake. But it's nothing like what I thought. Instead, I feel that I am drinking a less than average smoothie that tastes more like a cup of ice-blended drink. How I wished I had spend that $10 on 3 cups of bubble tea instead.

I was less than satisfied but I decided to pin my remaining hopes on the mains. 

Spicy Crabmeat Pasta

I haven't had a single piece of meat for the whole afternoon and I was really really craving for a good piece of meat (Sorry, I'm a true meat lover). I wasn't anticipating for anything luxurious but I also didn't ask for pieces of "minced" crab meat. Not sure what word should I use to describe. But oh well, I surely made the wrong choice of seafood but I took my first bite anyway. 

My first response was, "This tastes like Microwaved food!"

I am not Gordon Ramsay and I cannot 100% determine whether the food is microwaved, but the standards made me felt that way. It was really bad. If not microwaved, then the food truly needs some professional help. And if anyone thinks that I'm just being picky about my food, the 3 of us felt the same after tasting the food. 

The pasta was soggy and dried. It didn't taste freshly out from the pan, and my friends commented that their dish wasn't very hot. It only felt warm. 

Pat's seared scallop and prawn was still acceptable because of the prawn bisque sauce, which helps to prevent the pasta from drying out. But it was probably just a borderline pass for a price of $24. Perhaps too expensive for some.

And check out the plating of these dish. What does it remind you of??

In-flight meals!!!

I'd prefer in-flight meals though, at least it comes with appetizers, snacks, drinks and a dessert. This baked Snapper ($30) is not worth it. The fish is overcooked, dry and just the look of it is already not appetizing. If a dish is lacking in presentation skills, then the least the chef could do is to make it delicious to compensate for the plating. But nope, all of us felt that choosing this place was a mistake.

Pat and Jamie wanted to give the desserts a chance because reviews mentioned that the cakes were great. They ordered the Smores cupcake ($4.90). I personally prefer light and fluffy cakes, and this was too heavy and rich for my palate. But this is just my personal taste so I am not going to comment more about it.

Oh and on a side note, Jamie also noticed that the chef placed something into the MICROWAVE in the open kitchen. But when we asked the manager whether they use the microwave to heat up any of the mains, they told us that the microwave is only used for the lava cakes.

I am giving them the benefit of doubt since I did not see it for myself. But I am definitely not happy with the food.

Even though it was an unpleasant experience, I was really glad to meet the both of them!! See you girls soon!


  1. So sad to hear that.Perhaps the outlet quality consistency is not there.

  2. I've been there a couple of times and felt the same way as you about their food. I've also experienced slow and bad service a couple of times by the Waiters and Waitresses. For the price that I'd pay for a meal there, I'd personally rather go to P.S cafe. One of my favourite places to catch up with friends :)