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NOM Bistro & Bar | Shouldn't they light the candle for a birthday cake surprise?

If someone were to ask me to name one thing about my experience at NOM Bistro & Bar, it is most probably not going to be about the rainbow cakes. But instead, I am going to bring up about how the staff managed to almost ruin a birthday surprise which I have planned in advance for SH.   

Okay, but complaints aside, the rainbow cake was really delicious! I even bought one home for my brother! 

I had quite high expectations about the cafe because I have seen it appear in my Instagram and other social media feeds all the time. But we had a shock when we arrived at 7pm. The place was COMPLETELY EMPTY. And it's just really awkward and funny that Siyuh has to tell the staff that we had made a reservation. 

Yuzu Pear Blossom Tea
Shizouka green tea with yuzu, white orchid and nashi pear

We expected tea leaves but the tea was served with tea bag instead. Quite disappointing to be paying $7.9 for a tea bag :/ 

Root Beer Float

Hazelnut Latte

Such a disappointment.. The coffee was my biggest regret order.. I didn't even want to finish it if not for the money spent. 

Truffle Fries

Grilled Pacific Dory 

Bacon Aglio Olio

Portobello Fingers

Mushroom Alfredo

I only ordered this because of the word truffle. Yeah apparently, truffle fries isn't enough to satisfy my truffle cravings. But I realized that most truffle pastas do not contain meat, I'm not sure why though. The truffle taste was really strong and I even dipped my fries into the pasta sauce. It would have been perfect if I could change the pasta to Spaghetti and perhaps add some bacon/ prawn. 

The other dishes were pretty decent, but the downside was that the mash potato for Grilled Pacific Dory tasted like the ones I had in my school canteen. The sauce was quite flavorful though, I think it's probably one of the more worthy dishes since it's only $16.90, as compared to the pastas which cost $14.90 already. 

Anyway.. back to the birthday surprise incident.. 

Salted Caramel Rainbow Cake

When SH went to the toilet, I told the staff that when he's back, they can bring out the slice of cake with a candle for a surprise. I even called to reserve beforehand, and asked whether they could just serve after our meals because I didn't want to walk to the counter and make things suspicious. They told me that it's better for me to tell the staff personally in case they are too busy. (Btw, the cafe isn't even crowded at all, but fine.. I secretly told the staff when I headed out looking for toilet)

When SH was back, the staff walked over and asked me if there's one more person. Like seriously? we're the first group that step into the cafe and you cannot even remember how many people there are. I don't blame her entirely for that, maybe she has too much things on hand. But how about you double check with me beforehand while I was informing you about the surprise? I didn't hear what she was saying but Siyuh did. Not sure if SH heard anything but then I had to step away from the table to clarify with her.

The staff only had a simple task to do. Light up the cake and bring it out for a birthday surprise.

Who on earth will place a lighter on the table and expect us to light the cake ourselves when it is meant to be a SURPRISE? *rolls eyes* I already told her that it's a surprise... I think I have to really make it super clear if I am ever planning another mini birthday surprise for someone.

"Please prepare a slice of cake, put the candle on the cake and light up the candle before serving it."
So when the cake was served.. Siyuh & I exchanged looks with some awkward silence before we just said ok nevermind, Happy birthday SH! And we lighted the cake ourselves before singing him a birthday song.

[Rant done]

I still hope you like the half ruined surprise though! HAHA. 

On a positive note, at least the cake was quite delicious, the texture was soft and fluffy and the caramel wasn't too overpowering. It's not easy to find rainbow cakes that I will like, probably because of the overmixing when it comes to adding colours. I have tasted a few rainbow cakes before, they either tasted medicore or way too dry. So I was really happy with this! 

NOM Bistro & Bar
400 Kallang-Paya Lebar Way
Macpherson Community Club Level 1
Singapore 379131

The dishes are decent, but I can't see myself making a second visit to this cafe, unless I am craving for their rainbow cakes. The cafe didn't have much pretty ambience that entices me to go back anyway. 

Remember to ask them to light the candle if you're preparing for a birthday surprise :0

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