Friday, 29 April 2016

Sephora K Beauty Review

Just as I was going to start work soon.. Sephora came just in time to send me a box of K-beauty must-haves make up products! And you know what... it's also my birthday month, which means.. extra birthday gifts for myself! I can also put these products to good use when I start work next month! 

This has to be one of my greatest excitement of the month because I love to shop at Sephora so much! Even window-shopping is so satisfying, but sometimes I overspend a little too much because #noselfcontrol. It's also a one-stop shop for my make up because all my favourite brands like Benefit, Tarte, Too Faced are in Sephora.

DR. + JART BB Mate Contouring 1,2,3 Kit
Retail Price: $58

First Impression: I was immediately drawn to the contouring kit when I opened the Sephora box! I like how everything is 3-in-1 so I don't have to get highlighter, concealer and bronzer separately. And the box even included a card with special tips according to your face shape. 

Review: If I had to just pick one item from this set, I would choose the bronzer! Some liquid bronzers actually create dark toned lines on your skin if you don't blend it out quick enough, but I didn't have any issues with this and it was so easy to blend! In fact, the colour was really natural. On the other hand, the neutralizing shade was not very effective in terms of coverage (but then again, it's not really a concealer, but to soften harsh edges and blend in to create a natural look), it did help in covering some of my blemishes though! The only downside is the inconvenience as powder form are usually quicker to apply. Other than that, for roughly $20 per item, I think it's a great steal! 

Retail Price: $54
Colour: Posie Tint

First Impression: The bottle resembles a nail polish and the colour is in a shade of rosy pink.

Review: The colour was very natural on my lips and is perfect on days where I do not want to apply heavy make up. The colour appears a little sheer at first, but it can easily be built on with extra layers to create a brighter effect. I prefer the natural shade for everyday use though! The colour stains the skin very quickly so you have to work fast with it, especially for cheeks as I'm sure you wouldn't want harsh random lines on your face. The stain is long lasting too. I tried applying it for my baking course and even towards the end of the day, the colour still stayed on quite well. The brush is a little too soft to apply on my lips though, it can become a little messy if I'm not being careful! 

3CE White Milk Cream 
Retail Price: $49

First Impression: I would have mistaken this for a carton of milk! And obviously, the packaging is very enticing to me because I associate milk in terms of beauty as moisturizing, whitening and smoothening. 

Review: No wonder the packaging resembles milk, even the smell is so milky and nice! I love my moisturizers to have pleasant smell although some say that no smell is supposedly better. Pleasant scents are always more comforting isn't it. I haven't been using the cream for long so I can't say for sure about the effects. But the immediate effect of my skin was definitely a little more moisturizing! It's stated that there's also brightening effect if you apply it on the high points of your cheeks. Perhaps I can replace my brightener with this when I am not applying any make up!

BECCA Aqua Luminous Foundation 
Retail Price: $68

First Impression: The glass bottle is classy and simple. Initially I thought that it comes with a glass applicator, but then I realized that it comes with a glass dropper instead. Such silly blunders.

Review: Like it's name 'Luminous Foundation', I find that the foundation brightens up my skin with a glow on my face. But I prefer the brightening effect to tone down on my T zone so I apply translucent powder to make it a little more matte since I have oily combination skin. Otherwise, I love the effect around my cheek areas. The product is quite light on my skin and looks natural, which is something I consider when I am deciding which product to get.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Healthy Glow Cream Blush
Retail Price: $20
Colour: Punchy Lychee

First Impression: The packaging resembles a lotion, this means that it's convenient for me to throw it in my bag when I'm heading out. I love the natural pink shade which is slightly similar to coral pink.

Review: The in-built cushion applicator makes everything so much easier, especially on days when I'm in a rush. The tone is also quite light and easy to blend, which gives a more natural look. I think it's also perfect for bringing out since it's quite convenient to carry around and I wouldn't have to use my fingers or a brush to blend. For $20, it's really very worth it and I can't wait to try the other products under Sephora brand as well.

So far, I love all the items that I have tried and I can't wait to use it for my daily make up when I go to work! Stay tuned for more!

And thank you Sephora for sending me so much goodies to try!