Saturday, 21 May 2016

Customized Latte Art @ Chock Full of Beans

Whether you are a fanatic over superheroes, Hello Kitty, Minions, Disney or simply just someone who appreciates cute and pretty food art, you are going to fall in love with this cafe. I have to say Chock Full of Beans is surely a hidden gem in the East. In my opinion, no matter how beautiful some latte art designs are, I admit that I'm probably still more thrilled over a cup of cartoon latte art. I'm already past my 20s, and yet still acting like a kid. C'mon admit it, you think this is awesomely cute too. 

I consider myself having a pretty excitable character, which means that you will see me getting excited over little things. Most of the time, it has to be something that is related to food!

Do note that the cafe does not have a menu for the latte art designs, and you will have to request for the designs that you like. Remember to do that! Because my friend visited the cafe previously but the coffee were not served with cartoon design. What a disappointment right? So remember to make a special request for it!

Knowing that I have some dilemma issues, I searched through their Instagram page & hashtag to find around 9 designs that caught my eye. Then I started narrowing down on my choices and picked my top 3. You never know if the barista can do it, so better play safe if not I'll make everyone wait for me haha.

I actually found the 3d kitties really cute, oh, and baymax too. But the designs look really simple and I really wanted something more complex. So I still picked minions in the end and I didn't regret my choice! I specifically requested all the designs to be in colour too. 

The minions design I had previously had no colour, and I must say, there's a huge difference! Even though I can draw on cookies but I'm still truly amazed that they can draw on a cup of coffee and the waiting time is actually not too long.

Not to mention, the price is ridiculously affordable. Of course I am happy that they kept it that way. 

The hot drinks are priced from about $4-5, while the iced drinks are about $6+. Any other cafes have around the same price range for a plain design. And honestly, I wouldn't mind paying more for a cup of cartoon latte since it's not a regular visit. 

My dad didn't stir and just drank from the cup so spidey still remains intact! 

Baymax looks so puffy and adorable like it's going to melt and disappear into the drink. Nooooo, baymax!!!

The stitch seems a little off compared to the real one, I think something is wrong with the eyes. Nevertheless I think the barista done a really good job with all the designs! Just the drinks alone made all of us really hyped up and satisfied.

Nothing extraordinary or fancy about the main dishes. I had the rosti dish and it was not on par with some of the better ones I've tried in other places (Forgot to take a picture, because by the time I finish the photo-taking, mine was already cold). Nevertheless, it's definitely still worth it to make a trip to this hidden gem even if you stay at the west. The only thing I regretted was not ordering 2 cups of drinks, so that I can request for another design - perhaps a 3d one! 

Chock Full Of Beans
Address: 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, 500004
Phone:6214 8839

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