Thursday, 12 May 2016

Interesting Themed Mini Golf Experience @ Lilliputt

During my US trip, my family and I came across one of the attractions in Legoland which is a mini golf course. It has never crossed my mind that I was interested in trying out mini golf, even though I knew about Lilliputt's existence in Singapore. The golf course was just a normal green patch of grass like any other courses. Lilliputt brought my enthusiasm to a whole new level when I realized that their golf course has different themes of attractions around Singapore. 

Lilliputt has 18 different holes with a different theme related to Singapore - it consists of the most popular attractions like Zoo, Esplanade, Sentosa, and we also started the first hole with Singapore's Changi Airport! (Photos are not exactly in sequence though!)

Most of us had trouble with the first try as it was not easy aiming the golf ball with so many obstacles around. It's definitely an amusing sight to watch one another failing terribly though. 

I think that Lilliputt is really creative with coming up with such golf courses. As if the obstacles and themed designs aren't enough to keep everyone excited, THE TRAIN MOVES. 

I probably sound like a little kid squealing in excitement about a new toy, but omg seriously, the train moves when the golf ball activates the sensor!!! The ball will then be released to the other side. And sometimes it really depends on luck as the ball might land in different locations. 

I completed all the holes except for this (Suntec City fountain). I even cheated by placing the ball wherever I want towards the end (because I have already exceeded the number of tries), but still.. I cannot get the ball in! Only on my 3rd visit, along with several attempts, I then succeeded. Not something to be proud of even though I finally succeeded haha. 

Regarding the game rules, we have to wait for one group to finish entirely before we are allowed to start playing at that station. To save time among ourselves, we play simultaneously instead of waiting each other to finish. But because of that, sometimes the ball gets hit away by another. Who knows it might be a lucky shot if your ball gets hit and directly lands in the hole. I highly doubt so. 

For obstacles like these, we will be hoping for the best luck.  For this case, you better hope that the golf balls land on the red slide! 

Some of the holes even have sound effects and music. And check out this hawker centre miniature! SO CUTE HAHA. I was telling my dad, OMG I WANT TO EAT SOYA CHICKEN NOWWWW. 

The peak of our excitement was actually at the 18th hole. While I was a little disappointed that the fun is ending, I was still very anxious because there's a lucky draw machine.

The picture is quite self-explanatory. Basically, the golf ball will drop down at every section depending on the luck, and it must go past every stage successfully in order to get into the "maze". By then, the probability of winning is still 33.3333%. If it gets into the pink (middle) box, you get to instantly win a free Mini golf session!


I think this is a very interactive and fun activity for both the young and old! And also probably a suitable attraction for the tourists since it has a Singapore theme. Don't forget! If you get the Entertainer app you can also enjoy 1-for-1 deal for Lilliputt Mini Golf!

Average time spent: 2 hours for 4 people

P.S. Remember to check their calendar for any event bookings before you visit the place!

902 East Coast Parkway
Block B #03-05
Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: 6348 9606

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