Saturday, 25 June 2016

Attractions to Visit at Las Vegas (Part 2)

Before you continue reading this post, make sure you have read part 1 first! (I took so long to complete this post and when I opened this draft I realized that I was so close to finishing it already #procrastination)

Back to topic.. Previous post was mostly about animals and Go Kart rides, this post will be more of thrill, excitement and ending the day with a beautiful scenery of Las Vegas. 

4) VooDoo Zipline @ Rio Hotel

If you are afraid of heights, you can just ignore this. But it's actually one of my favourite attractions throughout the entire trip. A very short ride, but something I have not experienced before. I think I have a certain fear of heights but the fear mainly comes from being afraid that I'll fall and die, maybe I fear the uncertainty more than the height itself. But somehow I like the adrenaline rush, it's like paying to scare myself.

At first, I was afraid that the voodoo zip line is similar to those I've played at Forest Adventure Park. Which means there are no proper seats and I will have to cling onto a rope. I was a little more relieved when I saw this poster. But 500 ft is no joke if the thing breaks :0

I love roller coasters, but I am also very paranoid about such stuff when it comes to heights and dangerous-looking activities. It doesn't help when my brother told me the moment we were about to slide down, "What if the chair breaks?" 

To be honest, the only scary part is the waiting time before it starts. It doesn't really feel much like a roller coaster but indeed it's a little intimidating if you look down 500 ft. Otherwise, it's a breezy and chilling ride all the way. The machine will then make a reverse route back to where you were. Just a short 1 minute ride or so. 

5) Countdown Live Escape Game

I'm sure many of you have heard of escape rooms before. Basically, you will be "trapped" in a room with your group of friends, and using the hints and clues from the items available, you have to find a way to escape the room. I always find such games very intriguing because it challenges your mind and it's also a great way for bonding.

My parents and brother played this for the first time but they could pick up the game pretty fast! I really appreciate the fact that the game master is quite generous in giving us clues. Yet they are not exactly spoon-feeding us with answers and the clues will have to trigger our thoughts.

We're not allowed to take any photos in the room because it's supposed to be kept secret. But just an advice from my experience, be sure that you dig under every single pile of things and open every single drawer, even to the extent of removing the drawer and turning it upside down. The best clues are hidden at the most unexpected places.

It's a pity that we were sooooo close to opening the door! But we did not notice a hint in between our game.

6) Madame Tussauds @ Venetian

The Madame Tussauds at Las Vegas was really spacious compared to the others I went (from my impression). But I didn't really fancy the lighting and spotlights around the displays. The lights seem to shine at the wrong part of my face and instead of enhancing the features, it made the photos look really weird. Otherwise, the museum is quite nice and comfortable to walk around and enjoy the views of famous people and celebrities. It's quite funny that I saw the wrecking ball artpiece there. Is it that famous?

7) Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck

The last attraction we visited was the Observation tower which allows us to have a 360 degree bird's eye view of the Las Vegas Strip and the rest of the city as well. I think the photos doesn't justify how pretty the view was, especially during the night. It's also known as the tallest freestanding observation tower in United States, standing at 1,149 foot tall. There are other exhilarating rides if you need something more exciting than just staring down at buildings.

Good idea to put this attraction at the last of your itinerary, because you'll be mad tired at the end of the day, and it's just relaxing to take the lift up to the highest storey to enjoy a scenic view.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cafe-hopping with Bubbles!

Went to cafehop with Alicia and her cute dog Bubbles some time last month! It was really a good experience! I have actually visited dog cafes twice before - Doggiestyle Cafe and Happenstance Cafe. Doggiestyle cafe used to be located at Nex mall but it has been closed down already.. Since I had the luxury to use the car that day, we decided to pick 2 cafes to visit! The first was 3 Barks Cafe which is around the Joo Chiat area. Check out Bubbles! He's soooo adorable. When I went to pick the both of them up, he kissed me HAHA. Like right on my lips. What a way to say Hello for the first time right?

Parking is really convenient here, you won't have to fret about parallel parking or the long wait for parking lots. There's a huge public carpark just down the road on the left!

Bubbles, you're soooo photogenic, do you know that?

The one and only reason that attracted us to visit 3 Barks Cafe is actually the play area on the 2nd level of the cafe. Sad to say but the menu does not appeal to me and the choices are really limited. Since my stomach was already complaining, I just ordered the green chicken curry rice with a cup of hot caramel latte. 

$9 for a meal at a cafe is honestly not really expensive, but it's just not worth ordering especially with the cheapo plastic plate that looks like I ordered this from a school canteen. The taste is average, nothing much to comment about it. Since the main intention is to have fun with dogs at the cafe, I usually lower my expectations for the food and drinks, as long as they are not sold at a ridiculously high price. Pardon the blur photo, I was probably too excited that I couldn't even hold my camera properly. 

I was thrilled when I saw a family with about 3-4 dogs at the cafe! One of the worst thing that happens when you visit a dog cafe is when there is no dogs at all! I'm glad we're lucky enough to at least meet a few! And there was a really cute and small poodle which I COULDN'T STOP STARING AT.

Anyway, one thing about Bubbles that is soooo adorably naughty. He will pee and poo to mark his territory once we let him on the floor. The poodle actually went to sniff him right at the same time when he released that pile over there under the table. To Alicia, he's being very naughty. But to me, it's just too cute. He only does it at dog cafes though. 

Spot his guilty look HAHA. 

3 Barks Cafe is really like a mini playground for the pups! They even have a slide, which is meant for children. But who says dogs can't play on it right! Bubbles was initially super frightened on the slide; every time we prompt him a little, his eyes will open so wide like he's gonna drop from a roller coaster. But after a few tries, he actually enjoyed the sliding! Just needed a lil warm up! 

And he was so afraid to go into this tunnel, so I could only take this photo.

Overall, the cafe is quite spacious as they have 3 different levels. First - Dining area, Second - Dining + Play, Third - Private space for events. It's definitely a good place to bring your dogs to if you want to just enjoy some food while playing with your dog in an indoor area, especially if you are visiting the cafe in a bigger group.

3 Barks Cafe:
327 Joo Chiat Rd
6509 6506

We headed to Sunray Cafe next since the other group of customers have left together with their cute doggies and the cafe was so empty afterwards. Alicia was raving to me about Sun Ray Cafe beforehand and I was feeling a little skeptical at first as the standard for most dog cafes are usually lower than usual.

But the first impression I got when I first stepped in to the cafe was "Wow is this even a dog cafe?" It looks so much like the usual hipster vintage cafe, just that Sunray accommodates dogs as well! And they even partitioned the cafe into two different areas - another just for humans only.

I was totally spoilt for choices when I glanced at the menu. It really isn't a typical dog cafe with the usual pastas and pizza options. (Although I did pick pasta in the end oops) But I would really love to try the other dishes if I were to visit Sunray again! And the best thing was that the cafe was pretty filled with lovely humans dogs and humans, and more poodles. I hate it when I visit a cafe and it's just lonely and empty. 

The dogs just roam around wherever they want and it's so pleasing to watch them come towards you with so much curiosity. 

I really like this one, awww. Legit eye contact?

The pastas already looked appetizing before I even tried anything so how could I say no to coming back again! And of course it tasted great as well. I had my first meal at about 2pm and I was already gobbling up my aglio olio.

If I stayed nearby, I would just go there every week just to order something and play with the dogs. Different dogs every week! OMG, that'll be so nice. 

Sunray Cafe:
79 Brighton Crescent, 559218
6283 8700

Thanks for reading! ♥

Friday, 10 June 2016

Gift Hampers Singapore

Sponsored Review:

What's better than receiving a gift after a long tiring day of work? It's coming home to a huge gift hamper filled with delicious yummy chocolates and cookies for my sinful indulgence! I think food is a integral part of where all my excitement and happiness come from. And being able to try out different types of sweet treats is definitely something I enjoy in life. 

And back to the main topic, as much as I love shopping, it can be a major headache when it comes to choosing gifts for someone. I love how Gift Hampers offer beautiful gift baskets for most gift-giving occasions like birthdays, baby showers, or during any special days like New Year and Christmas! 

Check out the stash of goodies inside this vintage straw-like suitcase! My brother love the suitcase so I gave it to him in the end. It's actually a great idea to use it as a storage box for your random stuff or personal collection.  Or perhaps refill another set of snacks to keep stock for some good munching time?

Besides chocolate hampers like the one I have received, Gift Hampers also offer a range of other categories like wine, luxury gifts, baby hampers and they are currently promoting the Father's Day hamper as well! With a selection of different gift range, you can surprise your husband, dad, granddad, father in laws with these customizable hampers. It' can a solution to your answer if you are frustrated about not knowing what to get for your father-in-law! 

I was particularly attracted to the baby hampers because of the combination of sweet pastel colours. And not forgetting the adorable cute plushie that comes along with the packing. 

I love some how of the hampers are customizable to some extent. For example, you get to choose the basket colours - white or brown. Depending on the type of hamper, you can also pick the quantity/ types of fruits/ flavours that you prefer. Lastly, top up your hamper with a pretty card or even a balloon! The rocking horse balloon is just too adorable!

If you don't see any standard hampers of your liking, you may also email or call them for special requests! After all, I'm sure some of you would prefer to prepare a unique gift for your family/friends/colleagues! 

I have yet to try all the snacks but here are some of the photos!

One of the things I like about their cookies is that most of them are either organic or gluten-free! This makes my indulgence somewhat less sinful I guess! 

One of my favourite is actually the biscotti because of its hazelnut flavour! I think the 2 flavors pair up really well together and the taste is subtle, not too sweet which is too my liking. 

I really like my hamper and the delivery was efficient as well! Remember to check them out if you are considering to get gifts for someone! And Father's Day is coming *hint hint*