Friday, 10 June 2016

Gift Hampers Singapore

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What's better than receiving a gift after a long tiring day of work? It's coming home to a huge gift hamper filled with delicious yummy chocolates and cookies for my sinful indulgence! I think food is a integral part of where all my excitement and happiness come from. And being able to try out different types of sweet treats is definitely something I enjoy in life. 

And back to the main topic, as much as I love shopping, it can be a major headache when it comes to choosing gifts for someone. I love how Gift Hampers offer beautiful gift baskets for most gift-giving occasions like birthdays, baby showers, or during any special days like New Year and Christmas! 

Check out the stash of goodies inside this vintage straw-like suitcase! My brother love the suitcase so I gave it to him in the end. It's actually a great idea to use it as a storage box for your random stuff or personal collection.  Or perhaps refill another set of snacks to keep stock for some good munching time?

Besides chocolate hampers like the one I have received, Gift Hampers also offer a range of other categories like wine, luxury gifts, baby hampers and they are currently promoting the Father's Day hamper as well! With a selection of different gift range, you can surprise your husband, dad, granddad, father in laws with these customizable hampers. It' can a solution to your answer if you are frustrated about not knowing what to get for your father-in-law! 

I was particularly attracted to the baby hampers because of the combination of sweet pastel colours. And not forgetting the adorable cute plushie that comes along with the packing. 

I love some how of the hampers are customizable to some extent. For example, you get to choose the basket colours - white or brown. Depending on the type of hamper, you can also pick the quantity/ types of fruits/ flavours that you prefer. Lastly, top up your hamper with a pretty card or even a balloon! The rocking horse balloon is just too adorable!

If you don't see any standard hampers of your liking, you may also email or call them for special requests! After all, I'm sure some of you would prefer to prepare a unique gift for your family/friends/colleagues! 

I have yet to try all the snacks but here are some of the photos!

One of the things I like about their cookies is that most of them are either organic or gluten-free! This makes my indulgence somewhat less sinful I guess! 

One of my favourite is actually the biscotti because of its hazelnut flavour! I think the 2 flavors pair up really well together and the taste is subtle, not too sweet which is too my liking. 

I really like my hamper and the delivery was efficient as well! Remember to check them out if you are considering to get gifts for someone! And Father's Day is coming *hint hint*

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