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Go healthier with Kang Kang Noodles!

Late night supper craving is a serious temptation for me. And it happens ALL THE TIME, especially during the weekends. Most of the time I’ll be craving for a comforting bowl of hot noodles, which usually conveniently comes in a packet of instant or cup noodles. No doubt that my tummy is satisfied and happy, but the noodles are usually packed with MSGs and preservatives, which are known to be very harmful for our body.
Sometimes I just turn a blind eye to this information because I have no self-control at times. But it’s always great if there’s an alternative right?
That’s when I found out about Kang Kang Noodles. Before I attended the media event, my maid actually already bought a few packets to try out, without knowing that Kang Kang is actually an express kit, similar to instant noodles.

There’s a huge difference though. The noodles go through a pasteurization process, allowing the noodles to be kept freshly in room temperature or refrigerated conditions for a decent period of time…

Sephora Korean Beauty Review Part 2

Sponsored Review:

From my previous post, I shared reviews of some of the products Sephora kindly sent me! I'm back for more again! And guess what? This review includes my TOP PICK (Yes, I manage to pick 1 specific out of the whole lot). 
Read my part 1 review here:
Erborian CC Creme (PERSONAL FAVOURITE) Retail Price: $29

First Impression: I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with the packaging when I received it at the start. It comes in a silver tube exterior which has the looks of an ordinary lotion. Never judge a book by its cover because I fell in love right after. 
Review: I usually put on CC cream to work as I prefer a very light coverage just to even out my skin tone. Some of the CC cream I have used actually made my skin way fairer than it should be, and I didn’t really like it that way.
When I apply and blend the Erborian CC creme onto my skin, it changes from the original white colour to a pink-beige tone, whic…