Friday, 29 July 2016

Go healthier with Kang Kang Noodles!

Late night supper craving is a serious temptation for me. And it happens ALL THE TIME, especially during the weekends. Most of the time I’ll be craving for a comforting bowl of hot noodles, which usually conveniently comes in a packet of instant or cup noodles. No doubt that my tummy is satisfied and happy, but the noodles are usually packed with MSGs and preservatives, which are known to be very harmful for our body.

Sometimes I just turn a blind eye to this information because I have no self-control at times. But it’s always great if there’s an alternative right?

That’s when I found out about Kang Kang Noodles. Before I attended the media event, my maid actually already bought a few packets to try out, without knowing that Kang Kang is actually an express kit, similar to instant noodles.

There’s a huge difference though. The noodles go through a pasteurization process, allowing the noodles to be kept freshly in room temperature or refrigerated conditions for a decent period of time, without the necessity of adding any preservatives. Since it is a healthier choice, there’s excuse to indulge in more late night suppers, I suppose? ;)

These pasteurized noodles can be kept for 30 days in ambient conditions and last up to six months when kept in the fridge. 

The packaging has very clear instructions to follow through, so it’s not much of a hassle to cook in the middle of the night. Of course, if you are feeling lazy, you can always choose the easier way – MICROWAVE. But I wouldn’t prefer that unless it’s for lunch break during office! Trust me, the slightly more complicated (but still very simple) method makes your noodles taste much better!

Kang Kang also offers an extensive range of flavors that suit local taste – Prawn Noodles, Laksa, Curry mee and more! Because of the fresh noodles and paste, there is minimal alkaline taste in the noodles. Cook it according to the instructions and you will find that the noodles’ texture are springy with a flavorful taste. I personally choose to follow the amount of water required using a beaker because I'm not a good estimator. 

Out of the three flavors that we have tried, my favourite was the Laksa. The fresh paste was very fragrant with a hint of coconut flavor. And I only spent about 5-10 minutes preparing it? How convenient when I'm craving for a hot bowl of laksa in the middle of the night!

On the other hand, I really love the curry soup, hence I was having a dilemma with my top pick. I think that the perfect combination would be the white noodles with the curry paste. Please don't think that I am weird. But I should seriously give it a try.

While I am not a fan of Prawn Mee, I have to admit that I was very attracted to the aroma of the shallots packaged together with the meal kit.

Kang Kang Noodles Express Meal Kit is very simple, straightforward and healthy. For people who do not like instant noodles due to the potential harmful preservatives, you can give this a try. And for the greedy eaters who just love to indulge in late night supper, you have more excuses to dig in!
Thank you TSK for the invite!