Friday, 5 August 2016

I've officially graduated!

My school term has actually ended last December and having to wait 7 full months for my commencement ceremony, I think I kind of lost the enthusiasm in between the long wait. But as the day was nearing, my excitement returned! After all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

On a side note, I really like my school's gown. Because its black! And the cord is yellow! I quite like this combination, and it's actually my favourite compared to other gowns.

I think I was super last minute, I only bought my black heels the night before the ceremony. I wanted to just go ahead with flats knowing that I'm so bad with heels. But my friends convinced me and said that I will look better with heels. So glad I took that advice.

Anyway I got one which isn't too high, so I DID NOT trip and fall on the stage ;)

I was actually supposed to reach school between 1130-1230. I think I reached about 12 noon but I felt that I was really late because there were already many graduates who are already in their gown!!! PANIC PANIC. But then I quickly found the correct place and changed into my gown too. I met a few friends along the way Bernice, Chelsea and I saw Jessica too. But it was so rushed I ended up not taking a photo with her.

I wish that I had reached school earlier to take more photos!! Oh well.

With Chelsea
With Bernice

By this time, my feet was already hurting from my new heels. Almost regretted wearing it. Haha.

We were seated in the hall by 1pm and I was already quite anxious and excited! I was lucky that I was sitting beside a familiar classmate, Muzna and Chelsea was just right behind me. After all, I have to bear with the long hours and it's always good to have friends around! I'm also worrying that my phone batt will die off. Such a paranoid. And I was panicking about where to place my phone when I'm going up the stage hahaha.

By 3pm, everyone was getting impatient. Business graduates were the last batch to go up stage so we were already tired and bored towards the end, and we can't wait to finish this whole commencement. Not exactly patient as I have friends waiting for me outside the hall.

Soon enough, it was my turn to go up the stage! I think I felt a little shaky inside and I realized that I do have stage fright, which I wasn't so aware of in the past. I don't even have to say a word, but just stepping onto the stage and receiving my certificate already scares me. Btw, FRIENDS, I DID NOT fall down or trip because of my heels HAHA. I hurried off the stage after giving an awkward smile for the camera. I think the first thing that immediately came off my mind was "Oh yes, this is over."

I was already rushing for the toilet right after the whole ceremony. By then, the atrium was flooded with graduates and parents so I found a little corner by the ATM machines to meet my friends who came down to congratulate me! That corner was honestly quite comfortable and away from the huge crowd. But after that, I realize that I was compromising on the photo quality.

My mum also bought me a polaroid in BABY PINK, which I brought along with me to take more photos!

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos!

Jamie . Me . Pat

With Carmen
With my family and relatives
Me . Jolin . Shu Yi
With Muzna
With Khadijah
With my bro

SH . Me . Siyuh

My family

Thanks to my family's never-ending support and encouragement, without them I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have today. And also thanks to everyone who came all the way to SIM to congratulate me! I know it's super far away for some of you, but you still made the effort. I really appreciate it! And I love ALL the gifts and sweet cards!! ;) 

And I'm officially moving on to the next phase of my life - Working life.

I miss school life already!!

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