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Talay Kata Food Tasting Invite

Mookata has always been favoured by Singaporeans, where you get to enjoy a 2-in-1 steamboat and BBQ with a wide array of meat and seafood. While I personally love buffets and eat-all-you-can meals, I tend to shy away from Mookata restaurants due to the heat and smell. Thankfully, I can now enjoy affordable Thai-style steamboat and BBQ in the comfort of an air-conditioned restaurant. And if you have the same concerns as me, Talay Kata would probably be a good fit to settle your Mookata cravings!!

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When I stepped into Talay Kata, I was already enticed by the full spread of seafood and meat ranging from beef, pork to chicken. There was also a decent range of cooked food which looks equally appetizing.

Being in a comfortable dining environment really plays a huge part in my restaurant selection especially when I am looking for a place to chill with my family or friends. The brightly lit and spacious restaurant surely left me a good starting impression before we start to dig in! 

The pork dishes were surprisingly good, trust me when I ditched the beef dishes to have more bacon and pork. And I'm not even a fan of bacon in the first place. But then again, it depends highly on preference. I prefer the pork dishes at Talay Kata because the meat is really juicy and the fat content is perfectly balanced. 

While the mud crab looks appetizing, it fell short on the sweetness and taste. So unless you are not very particular about seafood, you might want to give this a miss and save your stomach for other delicacies! 

Som Tam got me excited too! It's actually the name for Thai Papaya Salad. 

We enjoyed customizing my own salad and adjust the level of spiciness. You can drizzle as little or as much homemade Som Tam sauce as you wish! I love the tangy and spicy kick, and we even had 2 servings.

Between the soup broth and teppanyaki, I prefer the latter as the soup got a little too salty for our liking. I heard that there's a Tom Yum soup base and I would love to try that in the future!

There's of fair share of other Thai delicacies such as Green curry, but I was already stuffed from the Mookata feast by then. I think I was hooked onto the bacon and pork so much that we had a few rounds.

Not forgetting to end the dinner with some cooling and refreshing desserts - Ice Kachang! I think I enjoyed preparing my bowl rather than eating it though. I think that the unique part of the desserts is the Mango Sticky Rice.

We were quite surprised as we have never seen Mango Sticky Rice in black before. It's actually a whole grain alternative to white sticky rice and has a similar taste to 紫米露 (A type of Chinese dessert - Purple Rice Soup). Personally, I still prefer the white version as it is sweeter. But this is a good twist from the usual taste. 

Talay Kata is an affordable and convenient place for a mookata session with your family or friends. I have not tried enough Mookata restaurants to judge whether their food is authentic, there's a few hits and misses but the overall standard is decent with a wide variety of dishes. Not sure why, but I am already craving for this a few times after the first visit even though I'm not a fan of Mookata!

Talay Kata:
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central 
#08-04/05, 238896

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