Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Baking Milestones | Monice Bakes

It has been such a long time since I've talked about my baking in this blog. October has been a busy month with orders and also a second sponsor for NTU welfare pack. I think it's time I take just a little short break to chill, regain some energy and motivation before continuing on.

I do wish that I have more time refine my skills along the way instead of just accepting orders with repetitive designs. Although I do appreciate that this also gives me a chance to have more practice. But I'm always delighted when customers just let me decide on the designs and colors!

Some of my new baking milestones.
  • Bake a 2-tier cake, but only so far it's a small one (6.5 inch + 4 inch)
I think it would be a lot easier if I can find a 4 inch cake aluminium cake base so that it is easier to transfer onto the 6.5 inch cake. Otherwise, I think it is still manageable! I think tall cakes are fun to work with as I have more surface area to decorate.

  • Decorate a cake with full fondant, including the sides of the cake

Honestly, fondant is tricky with a weather like Singapore's - so humid. It's almost impossible without the use of air-con. And then again, fondant cakes shouldn't go into a fridge or else the fondant "CRIES". Just do a test and you will get what I mean. Thankfully, my first fondant cake turned out well and the customers love it!

  • 3D Rosettes (Officially)
Why do I say official is because I have previously used petal tips before, but I didn't realize that I have been using the correct tip in a wrong angle, petals still come out as petals but they just look weird. Still far from perfect but I'm trying! ;)

(In fact, this was just baked yesterday!)
  • First Proposal Cake
I've done door gifts and desserts for Wedding couples but never for a proposal before. So I was pretty excited to be part of their wonderful occasion! And of course she said yes! Congrats!! 

And here are some of my other favourite bakes in these few months!

I have also recently sponsored about 500 cookies for NTU EEE Club Exam Welfare Event in early Nov. It really excites me to know that they like my cartoon cookies! Anyway for those who have been asking, unfortunately I am not planning to continue any more sponsorship for the time-being due to my work commitment. I try to accept some orders now and then when I have the time so feel free to check with me okay!

For those who have been following my bakes, I hope you're not bored of my pictures yet! ;)

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