Monday, 5 December 2016

A Visit to Avengers Station Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre

I haven't been to Science Centre for the longest time. And this time I'm finally back again! Not for the geeky Science exhibitions but for Avengers Superheroes!!! When I saw Science Centre promoting their exhibition online, my bf and I were like.

"OH YES, we cannot miss this!"

Jurong is really far at the other end of Singapore but it was worth it since the exhibition is only temporarily held from 29 October 2016 to 5 March 2017.

What made the exhibition more interesting was that the stations are interactive. To enjoy a better experience, download their Avengers Station App which allows you to become an agent, undergo quiz challenges and unlock new characters as you proceed to the next stations. If you do not own a smartphone, you can always rent a smart device at the counter before heading in.

At the start, we have to go through a briefing session in the room. I like how they make it sound like a real mission.

They have huge boards with information and history about each respective character. I was more interested in the statues and figurines though. And I definitely enjoy the mini games even though some were really simple. Time to be competitive hahhaa.

This is the blur me trying to figure out how to play this machine. I am supposed to compete against one of the Avenger's speed. Yeah, we cannot beat the superheroes hahaha.

We both like Loki hahaha. And my most memorable scene of Loki is the part where Thor and Loki kept arguing when Thor helped Loki escaped the prison. His sarcastic humour was really entertaining. 

No one can lift Thor's hammer hahaha. 

Can we bring you home? :P

The Ironman exhibit was the best out of all stations because of the grand Ironman suits displayed. Not 1, not 2 but the entire set of suits! The Hulkbuster and other characters were also life-sized and really huge. I had a great time taking photos there!

Overall it was an interesting experience, but according to my bf, it wasn't as good as he has expected. I feel that it's worth a visit if you're interested in superhero characters or Avengers itself. I mean, it's kinda mundane to go on movie dates every weekend right? Dating at an Avenger's exhibition can be really fun too! ;)

The entire exhibition took us about 1.5 hours. It might take a little longer if you wish to spend more time reading up all the info. We paid $22.5 each as there was promotion if you pay with NETS, otherwise it's $25/pax for Singaporeans.

Thanks for reading! :)

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