Thursday, 8 December 2016

Izy Dining & Bar Food Review

For those who know me well enough, you should know that Japanese cuisine is always at the top of my cravings list. I recently got invited to Izy Dining & Bar, and I brought along my bf to be my tasting partner that day. Izy Dining & Bar is a contemporary style Japanese Izakaya located along Club Street, which offers a modern twist to the traditional dishes. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Telok Ayer MRT station and there is also a huge public outdoor carpark right outside if you are driving. 

 “This bar lives up to its name!”

With high chair seating in front of the counter, you can have an experience of watching the chefs prepare your dishes right in front of your eyes. However, this would not really cater to large groups, it probably suits smaller group gatherings who just want to chill at a Japanese Izakaya Bar. 

The mayo sauce really complemented the juicy chicken karaage. 

However, I personally feel that this dish is more suitable for sharing as the flavors were a little overwhelming for my taste buds as I prefer something milder. But then again, this depends on your preference! 

Being a Sashimi lover, I was most attracted by this dish piled with loads of Sashimi including my favourite Sea Urchin. One bite and I knew that this was premium fresh quality standard. And I was glad that I had the whole plate to myself because my bf doesn't take raw food ;) No one will fight with me for this plate of Sashimi! The tuna also had a "minced" texture making it more tender and it had a different mouth feel from the usual Maguro. 

This was an interesting twist to the usual Kani Fumi, topped with fresh thin shreds of fresh crab meat. Personally I prefer to munch on a whole piece of crab meat, but I wouldn't mind having this once in awhile too!

The Wagyu Truffle Don ($38) was the bomb! Don't be fooled by its simplicity and its less exciting exterior because this dish is packed with strong flavours. The Wagyu Beef on its own already won my heart as it was so tender and juicy, the truffle really enhances the overall taste to another level. And I could also taste the Truffles on every single bite! The only downside is that they could have worked on the presentation of the dish, other than that it's more than fantastic. 

The Izy Roll ($16) is a combination of tempura shrimp, tempura

For those who do not prefer to have drinks at the bar counter, there is a "secret entrance" to their CACHE BAR at the back of their restaurant with more comfortable seating. We were both caught by surprise when we were led into this little secret venue, where you can enjoy the best of their signature drinks while chilling with your friends. 

I was also searching high and low for the washroom but it turns out that there is also another secret door to it.. 

This really WOW-ed the both of us when we saw the beautiful rose in Ice form. I think most girls will definitely love this. Concocted with three kinds of flower liquer - Elderflower liquer, Violet Liquer and Dandelion Bitter, The Flower Blue Moon is so fragrant, especially if you love the floral sweet taste. For people who are not used to drinking strongly flavored alcoholic drinks, this would be a good choice. According to my bf, he said that this was one of the better cocktails he has tasted before.

Izy Dining & Bar
27 Club St, Singapore 06941
(Closed on Sundays and Saturday Afternoons)

Contact: +65 9678 0027

Note: This is an invited food-tasting session and all opinions in this post are personal

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