Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Beauty in the Pot 美滋锅 | 1 of the Best Collagen Hotpot in Singapore

There is a reason why I have been to Beauty in the Pot several times, but not once did I successfully take proper and nice photos of the food. So pardon me if the photos are insufficient in this review, as I have been busy indulging in the food once the dishes arrived at our table.

If I had a choice I would totally dabao the soup home just to drink.

Yes.. it's that awesomely addictive.

Priced at $20 per soup base (Choice of Beauty Collagen Broth or Spicy Nourishing Broth) and $25 for a twins flavour broth, it might be quite expensive to start with. 
(More choices available at The Centrepoint outlet)

Average spending per person is about $50 if you want to have a decent meal, so just be prepared to spend.. and queue for long hours if you did not make a reservation. My friend and I waited for almost 2 hours for our table on a weekday evening. We did not know how long more we had to wait but we didn't want to give up halfway #EscalationOfCommitment #DinnerBecomeSupper #ButWorthItLa

The complimentary refills were quite sufficient (Look like milk bottles right?)

And we ordered almost everything in halved portion as it was cheaper and also sufficient for 2-3 pax. The prices ranged from $7 to $20+ for halved portions to cater to different budgets.

The quality of the meat is quite equivalent to its price tag and pretty reasonable too. But be careful not to over order if you're a fan of the collagen soup, because it can be very filling.

The food ain't that cheap and we'll always only stick to a few common dishes, so I can't comment much about the rest of the food. The one and only thing that always lures me back is the collagen soup, which I will never get sick of. 

I have never been to the Centrepoint outlet and I have been wanting to try as there are more soup choices! 

Beauty in the Pot @ One KM
11 Tanjong Katong Rd, 02-21/22,One KM, 436950
6702 2542

Reservations are highly recommended, otherwise be prepared to queue for more than 2 hours on certain days! (Personally tried and tested)

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Chop House Steak | Is it worth $39?

Have you wondered what's the difference between Restaurant and Hawker steak? I watched this Eatbook video recently, which also gave us a huge temptation to try out the "restaurant steak" that they mentioned in the video. 

To be honest, I prefer to pay more for a better quality steak. If I had to dine at a Hawker Centre, I prefer having the local favourites like Chicken rice, bakchormee, hokkien mee, etc. One of my favourite all-time budget steak place would be Astons. It's not top-notch quality, but the price is really reasonable and the baked potatoes are to die for.

When it comes to beef type of dishes, I usually go for the steamboat style - thinly sliced beef which melts in your mouth. American steak is something I wouldn't mind eating, but it's not what I love. 

So the question is.. Is The Chop House Steak worth $39?

This exact location at 112 Katong used to be T.G.I Fridays but it has now been replaced with The Chop House. With a comfortable ambience, this place looks great for a chill out evening with your friends and colleagues after work. But we're here to just have a quick dinner to satisfy our long awaited cravings.

I had a difficult time looking at the menu though, those jagged lines are surely distracting.

Lets start off with the Appetizer first - Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms ($8). I am not impressed at all. How is this dish worth $8? No doubt that the taste was fragrant, but for $8 I would rather get something else. I thought that this mixed well with my Carbonara though, the dish was a little too salty on its own.

USDA Prime Grain Fed Rib Eye - served with watercress, grilled tomato and a choice of bearnaise, red wine or black peppercon sauce ($39) - medium rare. We had the Peppercon sauce as it is something that we are both comfortable with. They told us that bearnaise is somewhat similar to Hollandaise sauce.

Tip: Always go for medium-medium rare steaks for an expensive steak, otherwise it will ruin the goodness.

The steak isn't bad, but neither is it that fantastic as described in the video. As you know, high expectations lead to high disappointments. The meat was a tad dry on some parts and it wasn't as juicy as mentioned. Nonetheless, the sauce was very unique, unlike other common BBQ or pepper sauce. Bf said that he likes the steak, but felt that the price tag of $39 was a little too high for this standard.

That being said, my views could be slightly biased as I am a fan of Japanese Wagyu beef and my standards could therefore be affected.

Really glad that we chose to order 2 different dishes to share because the Carbonara - with smoky bacon, egg yolk, parmesan and pecorino cheese ($22) saved the day! It was one of the best Carbonara I have tasted ever. If you're looking for a good Carbonara, do consider the one at Harry's too.

Harry's Carbonara is a lot wetter and creamier in terms of texture. Meanwhile, The Chop House's Carbonara has a very appealing cheesy taste with a mix of both Parmesan and Pecorino cheese. But towards the end of my meal, I find that the pasta is a little dry. If both pastas are combined with their best qualities, that would be perfect for my palate.

Would I come back again? Yes for the pasta, but no for the steak. It's a hit and miss for me, have you tried the steak before? What's your take on this?

The Chop House
112 Katong Mall
#01-13, 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428802

Friday, 8 December 2017

Gaston Luga Praper White Backpack (Promo: MONICE15)

Remember my previous backpack review on Gaston Luga?

Gaston Luga kindly sent me a Praper White backpack this time round! With a minimalistic and simple design, this bag is versatile and matches most of my outfits. Apparently, it's also very matching to my pink and white room if I ever leave my bag lying around on the floor. (What a great excuse to be untidy.)

Just a recap in case you haven't read my previous review:

History of Gaston Luga

The story of Gaston Luga started off when the founder Carl Sundqvist met an interesting Frenchman with an elegant and casual style. Gaston told Carl he believed a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. Since he was a person keen of his style, he had put time and effort into finding something different from the regular school style

The vision was to make a line with Scandinavian minimalism and elegance to suit all different occasions. As time went on, leather parts, thick quality cotton, metal details and a mix of carefully selected colors were put together and became the foundation of the new brand named after its predecessor, Gaston Luga.

Gaston Luga also ships to many other countries like UK, USA, Australia Hong Kong, Japan, and more! Just check it out on their website

I picked a casual pink and white outfit to stick to a duo colour theme for simplicity. Due to the neutral colour, this backpack would probably complement most outfits and even casual dresses.

While the bag is really versatile and lovely, I personally wouldn't use it as a travel backpack as I tend to be quite careless when I'm overseas. With a inner 13-15" laptop sleeve, the Praper White would be great for schooling if you are a student as the bag is really sturdy and spacious to keep heavy materials like your laptop/ books. On top of that, the strong hooks will keep your items secured. You surely wouldn't want your bag to be accidentally opened up while you're chasing for the bus.

Because of the white colour, I still have to be extra careful with how I place my bag outdoors. 

This is what happens when you prioritise vanity over convenience. But with Gaston Luga, it's definitely worth it! 

Gaston Luga bags are seriously too insta-worthy. It looks good against almost anything, just take a look and see. 

My brother is a fan of Gaston Luga bags so I let him use it as well. Here's his review -

I fell in love when I first saw their Pråper line I mean just look at how beautiful they are! It’s really minimalistic and the color palette is amazing!

I really love the leather-canvas-metal mix of the backpack which gives it a soft, classy and slightly edgy vibes. There’s also a key ring for you to attach their leather address tag, or whatever key chain to make your bag more personal and unique! But I think the feature that makes Gaston Luga stand out is the hook which closes the bag.

Between the 3 categories - Classic, Praper and Classy, which do you like best? I really love the Classy one! After all, it is leaning towards the feminine style, which suits me better.

Don't forget to key in my PROMO CODE when you check out!

Quote MONICE15 to enjoy 15% off all items on Gaston Luga site!

A free leather address tag will be given with every backpack order too!
On top of that, it is always FREE SHIPPING + additional 20% off as tax rebate (non-EU country only).

You can see the price breakdown as below - a bag design which costs $269 will now be only $182.92! (About $80+ savings!)

Official Website: http://gastonluga.com/sg/our-story

Thank you again, Gaston Luga! :)

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Customise Your Unique Terrarium with Be Crafty Sg (Hillion Mall)

Remember my previous giveaway on Monice Bakes? I hope the winners had a great experience customising their terrarium with Be Crafty at Hillion Mall (Bukit Panjang)! Thanks to Be Crafty, I also had the opportunity to decorate a unique set of terrarium for myself.

Stepping into Be Crafty shop makes an art lover like me feel so happy and thrilled! The idea of being able to custom made a gift for personal use or your loved ones is very popular nowadays. What amazed me is the variety of choices they offer - from the pots, glassware, plants to the detailed decorative toppers.

Feels like the kid in me is back as I looked through the shelves trying hard to make a decision on where should I even start.

They have many shapes and sizes for the base, some of the more unique designs include the animal range, as well as the prism terrarium with metal framing. (One of my absolute favourites!) I like how they have the lower range for someone who doesn't want to spend much, the base starts from $9.90 each, and the more premium designs costs about $29.90 and above. The succulents are about $3.5 each. 

If your main focus is on the overall theme, I suggest moving on to the small figurines first. Picking the pebbles and plants last allows you to find something that complements your decor, and not the other way round.

My parents' anniversary was in November and I wanted to get this as a gift for them to be placed in the indoor garden.

I picked The Little Twin Stars as it's my mum's favourite cartoon character. She say that Kiki Lala represents my brother and I. There were a whole lot of other figurines that caught my attention as well, especially the Tsum tsum and Disney ones. Some of the generic animals are no doubt very adorable for those who don't fancy cartoon! The figurines range from 50c to $5.

I picked the white pebbles to keep things simple, but I later on realized that mixing of the pebbles and sand can create a really nice scenery too. I guess it depends on your preferences.

There is a crazy amount of combinations to mix and match, I feel that I will never be 100% satisfied to stick with just one. I really liked the Sakura tree but later realized that it doesn't really fit perfectly with my other designs, hence I replaced it with a small little bench for a homely feel.

And TADAH! What a lovely terrarium! I showed this to my family and they were happy with it too! It's now sitting in our living room. 

This reminds me of my Sylvanian's Family House collection! 

The little minions crowding in this terrarium are too cute! BELLO!! 

For husbands and boyfriends who are looking for some last minute gifts, you can also consider their dried flower bouquets and preserved roses! The glass jar reminds me of the rose from Beauty in the Beast, such a pretty piece! 


Specially crafted cards are available too!

Personally, I find it an affordable customised gift perfect for most people. Especially for close friends/ loved ones, this gift is really thoughtful and cute! I have actually purchased 2 terrariums for my friends! But instead of decorating it for them, I prepaid and asked them to go down to the shop personally to decorate their own piece.

If you're still looking around for Christmas ideas, do consider this!