Monday, 16 January 2017

A Better Florist | The Priscilla

Flowers can be given on almost any occasions and all MOST girls will love it no matter what. At least for me! A Better Florist have kindly offered me any choices of bouquet from their website. Since it was close to my mum’s lunar birthday, I wanted to surprise her with one during the dinner. Out of all the designs that were available on their web, these two caught my attention.

The Evangeline with a royal combination of purple and white has a more elegant style which was also their perfect pick. Purple is my mum's favourite color. However, I preferred to choose something more colourful and bright for her birthday surprise. 

The Priscilla was my final choice, also approved by my dad and bro! YAY. 

A Better Florist also offered to write a customized handwritten card to my mum.

Instead of providing a hundred options, A Better Florist believes in picking out a special selection of the best flowers in season. The flowers are also sourced directly from flowers farms at Cameron Highlands in order to provide the freshest flowers at affordable prices.

A Better Florist delivers flowers same-day everywhere in Singapore WITHOUT any delivery charges.

Since they only handpick the best flowers according to season, some designs are only limited to certain days, so be sure to grab them real quick before they are sold out!

I love the happy and cherry vibe from the white daises combined together with elegance from the hot pink roses. It's not a typical romantic bouquet of roses, but definitely pleasing to the eyes, and really suitable for birthday occasions as well. I love the simple decor using just brown strings which gives that rustic floral garden feel. And since it already came in such a pretty-looking vase, I don't have to transfer the flowers myself! The only downside is that the flowers are bundled tightly together, making it a little challenging to change the water.

When I checked the website again, I saw this bouquet and I'm totally in love - The Claudia, a complex and stunning combination of different flowers. I would have totally chosen this if it was available on the day of delivery that I have selected. But it's okay! My mum loves the one I chose too!

Ending the post with a happy photo of us ;) 

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