Friday, 6 January 2017

A Personal Touch to Your Roses - Floral Garage (PROMO Code)

Having a personal touch to your roses makes your gift a more unique one because of the extra effort and sincerity put in. Floral Garage Singapore sent me a DIY Roses Set and I had a great time decorating it even though I really don't have green fingers. Apparently, I'm not even good at taking care of cactuses! But don't worry! The steps in creating this pretty and simple-looking vase are quite straightforward. 

Before I go on, you might find Floral Garage familiar as I have reviewed a few of their products before, including a DIY Terrarium Set and Christmas Flowers. I'm a huge huge huge fan of DIY so this is a perfect gift for myself. 

I was thrilled to come back to this after a long day of work, and putting all these pieces to create my one and only Rose creation really excites me. 

This basket filled with little surprises included 6 stalks of red roses, a bunch of baby breath flowers, leafy plant, rectangular vase which is made of glass, many many pink ribbons (Yay! Pink is my fave!), a pair of scissors, many sachets of flowers/plant minerals, decorative lights and of course a sweet note left from Floral Garage! ;) 

1) Cut the stalks to your desired length, I find that each rose should be cut to different lengths to provide more depth in the display. Don't forget to cut the leaves as well. I left it at the start and find that I have insufficient space when I start putting in my 3rd or 4th rose. 

2) Fill the glass with about 3/4 full of water and add in 1 sachet of minerals

3) Put in the flowers as desired - whichever style you prefer! 

At this stage, I found it challenging to squeeze in the flowers so I had to cut more leaves away from the roses. 

In fact, I'm in love with the Baby Breath Flowers more than the roses.

4) Decorate your vases with your favourite ribbons! Perhaps they could have included more decorative elements like crystal stones to put at the bottom of the vase, etc. ;) 

AND I'M DONE! The flowers have not bloomed fully in this photo yet though. 

I waited for just a day and the roses bloomed beautifully. Personally, I like this whole concept of being able to decorate your own flower vase. It would have been better if we can pick and choose our own flowers as well as the vase shape and size! I have no complaints though! The process was straightforward, fun and I have pretty flowers in my house after that. So why not?

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For guys who are planning to buy your girlfriend or wife a flower bouquet, look no further! THEY HAVE SO MUCH VARIETY, including rainbow roses OMG. You can even add on a balloon to your gift! The prices of flowers range from $34.90 to $290 to fit your budget. And of course not forgetting other special occasions as well.

It's not all about flowers too. Floral Garage offers a extensive variety of other products like birthday and party supplies including backdrop decor, cupcake/cake holders, gifts and terrariums.

Thank you Floral Garage once again!

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