Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dim Sum Icon HK | Crayon Shin Chan

How I wish Dim Sum Icon is opened in Singapore so that I can enjoy cute cartoon dishes whenever I like, and it's also a legit time when I can play with my food! It's really clever of Dim Sum Icon to change the theme every year as it draws customers to return to their cafe again and again. This year's theme is Crayon Shin Chan. Although I don't , this character brings me back nostalgic childhood memories (It's a rated cartoon but not sure why I can watch it too hahaha)

Read my review on the previous Little Twin Stars here:

When we visit this place last year, the place was quite empty but this year it's packed with people! There were already people queuing ahead of us and it was not even lunch hour. But because of the 1 hour limit, we had a table within a short 15 minutes wait.

When I ordered the food, I just chose the cutest dishes and made sure that I had a variety of different designs.

We ordered both the Shin Chan peach drink & Shiro (Xiao Bai) chocolate drink (HKD 39 each). Let's not have too high expectations of the drink quality and take a minute to appreciate how cute and sexy Shin Chan's butt is. (In case you can't notice that wobbly piece of jelly)

Shin Chan Buttmilk Cotta (HKD 39) really has a butt-like jelly similar to the Peach drink. Can't help but shake that ass. 

Last year I had the same milk tarts but in Little Twin Stars design. (HKD 35)

And to the most exciting part (and also the star of the meal) - Shin Chan Steamed Chocolate Buns. (HKD 49) Sometimes the gross and supposedly disgusting element of the food is the reason why it's so popular. Or maybe the modern mindset has became more accepting towards the unconventional style and way of eating. 

Shin Chan is known for doing unsightly actions like exposing his "elephant' and butt and it's really amusing to see this in a 3d form on an edible bun. Oh! And maybe they should make custard filling for the 2nd bun instead.. HAHA. Anyway I made my brother "poke" the first bun and it was a disaster. The chopsticks didn't go through all the way and when he applied more pressure, the bun kinda burst with chocolate flying out from other directions. Wow wow Shin Chan, such a mess. 

Another play piece - Buri Buri Zaemon Steamed Egg Yolk Bun (HKD 49) for me to enjoy squeezing "mucus" out of the pig's nose. I cannot decide which is more gross. But just wait for the next picture... (not my idea btw!)

We also ordered Shin Chan's shrimp dumpling and seafood rice roll (HKD 49)which is made into his blanket. There's nothing to play with this dish but I thought it is quite cute to look at as well!

Over the whole tea break session, I think we took about 10 minutes to decide what to order, 20 minutes to wait for the food to arrive and slightly less than 30 minutes to finish up our food. I insist that we only wait for all the food to arrive before digging in, because our phones have to eat first! That's the whole purpose of coming to this cafe anyway. I really love sharing photos of themed cafes and it's definitely a plus point to play with your food before gobbling them up.

The prices are a little on the hefty side but given the creative and fun element with decent quality, I find it worth a visit, and surely a must-go if you are always hyped up about themed cafes like such. Dim Sum Icon offers a range of other ordinary common Dim Sum dishes too in case you are tight on budget and would just like to order 1 cartoon dish for fun.

Dim Sum Icon
The One, L308
100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong