Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Apgujeong Hair Studio Review @ Tampines One

My hair has been disastrous for the longest time - badly damaged strands with multiple split ends, and almost non-existent curls. My hair was so frizzy and dry, at some point of time I felt like my hair was no different from some unwanted dried grass. I was recently invited to Apgujeong Hair Studio for a sponsored hair service of my choice. Totally just in time to revive my hair!

Before I go on about the experience at Apgujeong Hair Studio, let me show you some "before" photos. My hair definitely looked worse in real life and its saddening that people around me noticed how dry and frizzy my hair was. Not to mention that my hair was already so long and heavy that it resulted in my top part of the hair being flat. Thank goodness that I don't have to deal with that anymore, at least for now.

I usually perm my hair about twice a year and I have not coloured my hair before (It's naturally brown especially after a few perming session if you are wondering). Being the lazy me, I hardly use any conditioner or hair masks, and now I have learnt my lesson. 

At the start of the session, I had almost given up on my damaged hair as the previous perm didn't really worked out and my hair was still quite dry despite doing treatment. 

The salon was pretty empty when I stepped in as I was early but it started filling in with customers throughout my entire session. In case you want to know, I had my hair session at the Tampines One outlet! Perfect, because it's so near my house! 

Joseph (Korean Senior Stylist) started off by giving my hair a pre treatment as he said that my hair was really badly damaged by previous perms. Apparently, I made things worse without the use of conditioner or hair masks. The pre treatment is supposed to give my hair an extra layer of protection. If your hair is already very healthy, you can give this a miss and just go for the Mucota hair treatment. But I highly recommend doing both treatments if you have the budget to do so. 

I told my stylist that I still wanted to keep my long hair and I prefer curly over straight hair. He told me that he will do something slightly different and I agreed. I used to do smaller curls partly because it is generally longer lasting, but having my hair in such a bad state, I decided to let my stylist make the best decision for me. No regrets. 

He snipped off quite a bit of my hair but kept the hair length at my acceptable standards. (I can never imagine myself to have short hair and I don't think I am ever ready to try it). 

Joseph chose the large curls for my hair to give a natural wavy curl. 

I look like Goldilocks here? Hahaha.

Here's my final hair after pampering it with the Mucota Hair Treatment and I'm loving how soft and smooth my hair is! It was such a drastic difference from my previously dried and split ends that looked so pathetic. The whole process took me about 4 hours and I have to say, it is really worth it. 

My hair is significantly shorter than before, but I love the new look and how lightweight it is. My hair also has more volume which is achieved effortlessly just by blow drying my hair as usual. And I'm honestly thrilled to be able to have such beautiful hair right before going for my holiday trip. 

You know how the curls usually work only when you twist your hair while blowdrying it? I tried to dry it the "lazy" way before I go to bed and my hair still had the volume which I wanted! 

Visit for more information about their salon and pricing. 

And many thanks to Apgujeong Hair Studio for this sponsored review! ;) 

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