Monday, 10 April 2017

I quit my job to pursue my passion

Breaking news... I just quit my job to pursue something that I have wanted to do so for the past 2 years... Baking!

I have been running Monice Bakes on my online social media platforms for about 2 years already. And I found my first job after I graduated last year in May. I love it and I love my team, but time is my limit and there is only so much I could do. While I was still able to cope at work, I wasn't able to fully venture into my business. I started rejecting orders due to the lack of time and I decided that it's time I choose my path.

So.. I tendered my resignation 2 months ago. I have to admit, it was quite tough. Especially when I already formed a strong bond with my colleagues, and I really feel a sense of belonging at the workplace. It has been only a year but there are so much good things I can say about the people I work with... They are really so genuinely nice.

Now that I can focus on my baking plans, there are so much I want to do on my bucket list:
- I want to experiment with more flavours and designs for my cakes
- Revamp my website and gallery of my social media sites
- Perhaps take up some advanced cake decoration courses because there is only so much I can learn online
- Maybe start beginner classes soon? ;) (I do have some people asking so if you're keen let me know!)
- I'm thinking of starting Dessert Table services too but that is a huge project to jumpstart myself so I have to really do more research first
- And of course think of how to expand this fully in the long run!

Baking aside, I also want to put more effort in blogging now that I have more personal time for myself. I have been turning down events and food tasting sessions previously due to my busy schedule, hopefully my new lifestyle will provide me with more opportunities in this area as well!

I'm so excited of the plans ahead! But for the month of April, I will be taking a short break and enjoy first! I'm still taking in orders but there's only limited slots so hurry!

And thanks to those who have supported and believed in me all these while!

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