Sunday, 2 April 2017

老夫子 OMQ Dining Room | Childhood Nostalgia

Character themed cafes must be the norm nowadays because I noticed the rising trend of it everywhere around the world! Instead of the usual mainstream ones like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, there's a hidden gem around Nathan Street, called the OMQ Dining Room. I went to google what is OMQ and it turns out to be the initials of Old Master Q which is also commonly known as 老夫子.

Besides Dim Sum Icon, Hello Kitty Restaurant, Moo Min Cafe in Hong Kong, I haven't heard of OMQ Dining Room before. In fact, my mum was the one who suggested this place as she knew that my brother and I love visiting themed cafes #BestMumEver

The moment you step into the lobby, you will be greeted with OMQ decor right to the doorstep.

We also book the special Car theme which is also the one and only table at the restaurant. 

I'm sure this will be a favourite seat for children, I probably have a inner child inside me as well because I was quite excited for this too! But the seats will definitely be less comfortable as compared to the usual ones. 

The cafe is packed with OMQ theme all over their furniture, walls and even the ceiling is not left out. They are really going full with the decor theme and there is just so much going on at every single corner I turn to. It feels like I have just stepped into a world of OMQ comics. I might not be a huge fan of 老夫子, but the cafe really lived up to its name compared to many other themed cafes I have visited. 

They have a very interesting menu concept as well, with the names of the dishes made into 4-words Chinese idioms that are usually found in its comic title. The only downside of this is that the staff is unable to remember the entire menu. We tried to order with these interesting food names and she asked us to describe the menu item instead, rather disappointing. 

We don't blame the staff because it's really quite difficult to memorize all of that, but perhaps the cafe should have coded the dishes with numbers as well to make it easier. I mean, what's the point of putting such cute names when we can't order with them right? 

We did not have really high expectations of the food as there wasn't raving reviews about the quality, but having our standards lowered, we were quite satisfied with some of the dishes that we have ordered, and there are some hits and misses.

The curry pasta was surprisingly delicious and it just kickstarted my cravings for Hong Kong's famous curry fishball. And I wished that they had some in this dish!

The rest of the dishes were not too bad as well, and I particularly enjoyed the soya chicken wings too. But just a friendly advice, I wouldn't recommend you to order Onion Rings and Escargot. Honestly I think even fast food restaurants can do better. And the escargots from Saizeriya win his plate hands down. You have been warned.

The only thing that is probably passable is the mashed potato surrounding the escargots.

I think the OMQ Dining Room surpassed our expectations in terms of the overall ambience and food standards. Just don't visit the cafe in hope of having 5 star dishes and I think you will walk out of the restaurant a happier person. We haven't got a chance to try the drinks and desserts too, as we were saving our tummies for the next few meals that we have packed in our itinerary! 

Food quality aside, I think this cafe is really cute and it's really worth your money if you are mainly here to take photos and enjoy the dining theme. 

It was quite a nostalgic experience for us! 

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