Wednesday, 31 May 2017

BE.ST Organic Beauty Review Part 2

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I'm excited to share with you a few other series which helped to improve my skin problems!

I'm not usually a fan of oil-based beauty products as I tend to have oily T zone. Psychologically, I also don't really like the greasy feeling on my face as there tends to be a slight discomfort. Being lazy, sometimes I wash off my make up with my lip and eye make up remover as it does its job quite well. But I know that it's not really suited for the skin and that is not the right step.

In actual fact, a proper face make-up cleanser is required to wash off the make up residue, dirt and oil which will not harm your skin. To maximize the use of BE.ST Flawless Cleansing Oil, I first apply a few drops on my fingers and gently massage all over my face especially on areas with BB cream/ concealer. You can also massage on your neck area. Now to my favourite part... wet a face towel with hot/warm water and place on face for about 10seconds. It is such a relaxed feeling and the hot towel also helps to open up your pores for the cleansing oil to clean out more impurities.

After this step, I usually wash off the oil residue with the Ylang Ylang Oat Balance Cleansing Jelly that I use daily. Otherwise, you may also do an extra step and use the Cleansing Milk Foam for a second round of deep cleansing. 

While I still don't exactly like the oily products, I did feel more refreshed after using the Flawless Cleansing Oil and I highly recommend using the hot towel for 10s, it makes a lot of difference to me. 

One of my favourite products in the whole lot is the Detox Mask which comes in a pink/dark beige shade. Clay masks are my favourite if I really have the time to pamper my face especially when I am having breakouts on my face. Somehow clay masks are quite effective in controlling my acne problem. But I always had an issue with certain clay masks as they tend to dry up my skin after a few uses. And this doesn't dehydrate my skin at all! 

The texture was quite smooth when I dip into the bottle and it was quite easy to spread the mask on my face (Just like spreading butter). Even after a few weeks the product still stays quite smooth and did not harden up like other brands in the market. If I have to mention a flaw about the product it has to be the smell. I personally find it tolerable as I didn't have any issues applying it on my whole face for 10 minutes. But I got feedback from some of my family members that the smell is quite strong. If you think it from any perspective, this just means that no fragrance additives are added and this means MORE NATURAL. 

The Detox Mask is suitable to be used once a week for best results. However, if you prefer something more convenient, you can try out the Organic Neroli Rejuvenating Essence Mask which comes in a pump bottle. Pump bottles do have their benefits because it's so convenient to just pump and go! And you only have to leave the product on for 5 minutes, it's relatively easier to wash off as well since it has a clear gel texture.

After applying the mask,  my skins feels more smooth and also bouncier! This Essence Mask also helps to brighten your skin complexion and reduce fine lines. If you have minimal acne problem and prefer focusing on skin hydration products, this would be a better option, especially when you are always rushing and don't have time to carefully detox your skin. 

BE.ST Organic also offers a range of make-up products if you are interested as well! 

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