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BKK Night Market | Part 1 | TALAD NEON

I am still reminiscing about our BKK trip until now... And one of the best parts of the trip has to be about NIGHT MARKETS. Food, food and more food! Supper every night is a must, especially when we are so conveniently located beside Talad Neon Night Market. I have already planned to visit this market on the first night as I figured out that we would be really tired from our early morning flight and wouldn't want to travel too faraway from the hotel. I knew that the market was nearby, but did not expect it to be THAT near to Berkeley Pratunam Hotel. 


We visited the market rather early at about 5+ pm, and many shops were not opened yet. If you want to have the real night market atmosphere, the best time to visit would actually be after 8pm.

I was expecting more "Neon" themes at this market but it resembles more of a Rainbow with all the colourful tents spread across the market. It was surprisingly quite spacious to walk along the tents and we didn't have to squeeze between crowds just to get our food. There were also plenty of seats at a designated point if you wish to sit down and enjoy your food.

This was actually the first stall that we approached as we were attracted by the cute lightbulb designs. We had the Pink Lemonade and I actually regretted this drink that costs us 100 baht (SGD 4). The drink consists of mainly artificial colouring and flavouring. If you like to hold cute things while walking around, you may give this a try. But I find it a nuisance to hold the lightbulb after awhile and we just chucked in the bag. 

I tend to always aim for the BBQ skewers because they are so cheap and good. You can get porkballs at just 10baht (40cents!) and other barbecued bacon/pork at 20baht (80cents), freshly cooked in front of you. 

If you can take spiciness, always say YES to the sauce because the kick is just so good. I generally love the spices in Thailand, they always have really good chilli that is not too overpowering for my tolerance. 

My Bf also tried some fried grasshoppers. I just couldn't bring myself to upload any of the photos or video onto this post because I cringe every time I look at the insects. I think I cringe at the thought of it too. He loves it so much that he went back there every single day to get a plate of it. OMG.

I do believe that the taste might actually be good if mixed well with the pepper and spices. But psychologically, I cannot. Okay let's move on to other normal food..

I hate to say this, but I'm quite disappointed with most of the Thai Iced Tea at BKK, which tasted too bland. The tea taste was really subtle and I gave up on my craving. I had better ones in SG, not too sure if it's just my bad luck. 

Porkballs at 10baht per stick is already a really good deal, and now you can even get fried chicken cutlet at 10baht!!! Though it's not a very big piece, but where can you find such prices in SG! We tried the cheese and original, but we both prefer the original taste. 

We bought this Galaxy cocktail for the sake of the glitter effect! Just to make it INSTAWORTHY for my story hahaha. Honestly I can only taste the flavoring. Don't expect too much, just have fun and order one! This reminds me of some unicorn drink. 

Grilled squid was one of our favourite street food! Except that I don't like to eat the tentacles.. 

With such hot weather at BKK and so much salty food around, I get super thirsty every 1 hour or so. I had enough of artificially flavoured drinks and decided to go for something natural and thirst-quenching. Bf is not a fan of coconut drinks but I love it! Even better when they have it in milkshake version. I couldn't stop raving about it as I am sipping on it happily otw back to the hotel. It was so creamy and pleasantly sweet. 

Our stomachs were already filled to the brim so we went back on another day to try the prawns. Turns out that these aren't considered big, we saw really huge ones at Rod Fai Night Market that we didn't try because I was already quite full. TOTAL REGRET NOW. The prawns were not exactly super cheap actually (350baht = $14)

And the Tom yum (150baht = SGD 6) was so awesome even though I didn't order it with prawns #SaveSomeMONEY.

I'm already salivating while I'm typing this post. It's quite a torture to be doing food posts in the night.

But the fish was the BOMB. (400baht = $16)

I don't usually fancy fish but I just couldn't stop digging into the flesh, especially when the chilli sauce complements the fish so well. I think the sauces in BKK complement everything well.

The watermelon ice blended drink was honestly very tempting. But I think it's quite troublesome to hold such a big fruit around without spilling anything. I would love to try this but perhaps somewhere for me to sit down and chill instead of wandering around the market.  

Again, bf isn't a fan of Mango. So I ordered the fruit without the sticky rice as I couldn't finish them all. Love how sweet it is, but it would be much better served cold. 

More colourful and artificially flavoured drinks with your choice of alcohol. For me, this drink is a no. The blue blob of jelly doesn't really look edible as well.

The cheese fries was a disappointment too and a very messy deal as the cheese was dripping everywhere. I think I still prefer KFC Cheese fries! 

Overall, BKK night markets are the main highlight of the trip apart from the dog cafes that we have visited. What is BKK without visiting all the street food isn't it?

Stay tuned for my next few travelogue posts, and click here to read about other places in BKK if you haven't!

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