Monday, 15 May 2017

Decqoo | 100% TENCEL Bed Linen Review

We spend about 1/3 of our day sleeping and it is also the reason why beds are one of the most important things in your room. I am only referring to our average sleeping hours at night and have not even counted in occasional afternoon naps (if you have the luxury to do so) and spending time to do work in the comfort of your sheets. 

Decqoo kindly send me a full TENCEL bedding linen set of my own choice to review on my blog. I decided to give this opportunity to my parents instead and picked a set of Crystal Blue King Sized Bed Linen (Fitted + Quilt) to match their room colour. While blue is a perfect match to the cabinet, I think Space Grey is also a good alternative as a neutral colour and is able to complement many colours. 

About Decqoo

Decqoo is a homegrown brand that operates online 24/7 - without middlemen and huge retail markup, passing the savings directly onto customers. They aim to create an alternative solution for people like you and me to be able to build a home with affordable homewares such as sustainable bed linen, bath towels and other furniture. With 100% Tencel, 1000 thread count per 10 sq cm, they emphasize on simplicity and eco-friendly materials that are sustainable, affordable and comfortable. 

My family is a fan of pastel and light colours, something that is not too striking. Having such light colours as a room colour theme is also more pleasing to the eyes. My room is in pink, parents' room in blue and my brother's room in mint green. 

TENCEL Bed Linen has many benefits that makes it so worthwhile. The bed was ultra comfortable the moment I slept on it due to the silky smooth surface of the cotton. TENCEL is also skin friendly and sensitive-free which makes it suitable for babies.

Apart from its extreme comfort, TENCEL is known to be able to reduce bacteria formation via its fibril structure. I'm not really familiar with all these scientific terms but it definitely put me at ease to know that I am sleeping in a healthy and clean environment. You wouldn't want to be surrounded with bacteria while you sleep, would you?

Due to its unique fibril structure, TENCEL is also able to absorb moisture better than other materials, which makes it more comfortable to sleep in especially for people who sweat easily. At least you won't feel that your bedsheets become wet.

Sometimes I do enjoy sitting in the comforts of my pillows and blanket to watch TV, text on the phone or use my laptop for blogging. After all, it's definitely a lot more relaxing (although I may have a great temptation to take a power nap at times too). And how about breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning?

Decqoo Bed Linen is ideal for those who are looking to save some money without compromising on the quality of the bed linen. This collection is also available in King, Queen, Super Single and Single (4 different colours). Each can be bought as a full set (fitted sheet + quilt cover) or individual sets (fitted sheet or quilt cover only).

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Thank you Decqoo once again! 

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