Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Little Zoo Cafe BKK | Experience with Exotic Pets

I have been to several animal cafes and nothing impressed me like this Little Zoo Cafe, maybe except for True Love Cafe which is also located at BKK! I'm really glad to be able to add on to my personal list of closeup animal encounter. This cafe houses a range of wild exotic pets including fennec foxes, chinchillas, meerkats, and more. Seeing them in cages is one thing, but being able to touch or carry them is an entirely whole new level.

P.S. Don't expect high quality photos as I just use my Iphone to snap quick photos along the way :)

Unlike many animal petting cafes, Little Zoo Cafe does not have any admission fee. Feel free to order a cuppa coffee, bring a book to read and enjoy being surrounded by adorable puppies roaming around. 

However, there are scheduled playtimes with the other exotic pets where a limited number of guests can enter the separate room and play with the animals. In order to enter these special pet rooms, there is a minimum order of 1 food + 1 drink per person. I think that's pretty reasonable since the cafe doesn't charge any entrance fee. 

I wasn't expecting to be impressed by the food, but the fried chicken was perfectly crispy and piping hot. I wanted to go for small bites since I will be busy playing with the animals most of the time. I love how the dishes are all served on wooden plates. (I have a recent thing for wooden props recently)

Only the dogs are allowed to roam around the cafe freely. And these dogs follow wherever you go (That's if you have dog treats which can be purchased at around 50baht - SGD2)

I would recommend getting a cup if you want to get the dog's attention because they are very likely to crowd around you if they notice what you have on hand. But some have really short attention span so they might just walk away from you after they enjoyed their little treat. 

We were really excited to get into the room for Silver Fox as it looks a little like a wolf. Its fur is almost completely black with some white coloration giving it the name of Silver Fox. It's pretty hard to snap a good photo of the Silver Fox as it just kept walking around and around. 

I think the cutest of all is the Meerkats! They were previously not really attentive to us when we first stepped in. But then these adorable creatures realize how fun it is to scratch on my denim shorts, they went havoc climbing all over me. The Meerkats are definitely more fun to be with as they are not really afraid. 

Managed to capture a shot of this little cheeky face.

There are also other animals like guinea pigs, parrots, fat tailed Gerbil and more. The guinea pigs were really sensitive and kept squealing when we tried to pick them up so I stopped trying. 

GRUMPY HAMSTER!!! "Humans stop staring back at me!"

I would have travelled all the way to their main outlet for the sake of these exotic pets, but thankfully they opened a new outlet at Siam Square which was extremely convenient given that we will be heading there anyway. If you are an animal lover, I really highly 200% recommend you to visit Little Zoo Cafe to have a new experience with pets that you probably will never a get a chance to pet or even have close contact with. 

If you are planning to give this a visit, remember to head to House of Paws cafe before or after! It's a rather ordinary dog cafe without much food items but it houses really huge and cute dogs. 

Little Zoo Cafe
420 Siam Square 11 Alley
Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Contact: +66 92 448 1116

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