Monday, 8 May 2017

True Love @ Neverland Cafe with Over 20 Huskies

Look at those Husky butts and cute fluffy tails!! If Little Zoo Cafe is a unique place for many, then this must be an irresistible little getaway for dog lovers. It's quite easy to find out about this place because it's highly raved on many social media sites the moment you search for Dog Cafes in BKK. What's so special about this cafe then? It houses more than 20 huskies in the cafe. It is already uncommon to have a Husky in animal petting cafes, and you can interact with 20 now? This is really a wow factor of True Love Cafe. 

Being VERY kiasu, I dragged my boyf out early in the morning and we reached the cafe at about 1130am by getting a taxi from the hotel. True Love Cafe is not really located in popular areas and don't be afraid of getting lost if you are driven into some small alley, the cafe turned out to look like a private residential area. 

We were about the 2nd or 3rd to arrive at the cafe and we were given some registration form to fill out. We also have to declare that the cafe won't be responsible for any injuries or accident. We sat at some corner of the bench and when the cafe was opened at 12noon, everyone rushed to the queue so we were being pushed back in the end. If you're reading this and you really want to get a good seat, just stand at the door to wait. 

We got registered at the counter and paid 350 baht (SGD 14) per person which includes a drink and a slice of cake (Ice-cream/Normal). I would have paid $14 just to play with the huskies so it was a really great deal for us now that dessert and drinks are included as well! Play time is also limited to 1 hour only.

The cafe serves quite a decent range of cakes, decent enough to cause a dilemma in my selection of flavours. I'm generally more picky when it comes to ice-cream quality so I decided to choose from the normal range instead, which comes in a caramel flavour. The taste was not really fascinating and the texture was a tad too soft in my opinion but it didn't really bother me as I was mainly there for another purpose. 

Our play time slot was at 1pm (It was previously stated on other articles that the slot is at 12:30pm, the have probably changed it). If you want to secure a playtime slot just be sure to reach earlier than the opening hours. Everyone was so excited to enter the play area to interact with the huskies, including us! We had to change out of our shoes to some blue plastic, wash and sanitize our hands before entering to ensure good hygiene. 

They also played a really cute and creative introduction video which attracted everyone's attention even though it's mainly about house rules. I couldn't remember any dog's name except for Momo! (1 of my nicknames that my close friends call me long ago haha)

We noticed 1 Husky which was really outstanding from the rest, unlike the usual cuteness, it resembled more like a wolf. Unfortunately, this husky was not allowed to come out to play with humans. Maybe it's too fierce? 

After awhile, the huskies got tired and just laid down to rest, they are regularly given ice to eat but the weather is honestly too hot for them. Even humans like me couldn't stand such a weather. I think it would be much better if the place was indoors or at least sheltered from the hot sun. 

We had a fun time interacting with the huskies, 90% of them are really friendly and wouldn't even growl back at you even if you kept petting them, so don't be intimidated by their size! They're so fluffy and nice to hug! 

After the 1-hour interaction, the huskies will gather at one corner and be prepared to dash back to their house for feeding time. Everyone were told to standby and prepare our phones/cameras for the "slow-mo action". I could only take one shot and I was a little afraid that I might miss it or the angle isn't nice. Thankfully, it turned out quite good, at least for me! I almost missed pressing the record button omg. 

Some husky souvenirs at the cafe which are quite tempting to bring home with us.. :)

True Love Neverland Cafe

153 Soi Ari Samphan 2, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Contact: +66 85 908 2777

Opens at 12:00hrs (Closed on Mondays)
Please check opening hours online as hours might differ

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