Friday, 14 July 2017

Mcdonald's Nasi Lemak Burger with a Local Singaporean Taste

The beauty about Food Fusion is about bringing two standard dishes together to create something entirely different. Unfortunately, not every combination turns out to be the perfect couple. I've heard of Nasi Lemak Cupcakes, Nasi Lemak Sundae, and even Nasi Lemak Risotto, but seems like none of the following is as viral as the current Mcdonald's "NASI LEMAK" Burger. Apparently it was already drawing long queues on the first day. 

It was a really impromptu supper so forgive me for the poorly taken photos using my phone.

I was quite disappointed that the Bandung McFizz was already sold out when I visited the outlet on the first day; couldn't complete my Nasi Lemak meal perfectly with the Bandung!

First bite on the burger and I am in LOVE. The cornflakes crunch on the tender crispy chicken really resembled the Fried Chicken Wings. And I could taste the subtle coconut flavors combined with the sambal sauce for that extra kick. I wish there was more kick in the spiciness level though! I'm not a fan of the overly cooked fried egg though, but fast food being fast food, I won't be too fussy on that. 

Perhaps they can step up their game by using Pandan leaves to wrap the burger in order to complete the perfect imitation of Nasi Lemak? Nevertheless, their main star - the crispy juicy patty combined with the other Nasi Lemak ingredients is sufficient to make this Mcdonald meal viral. 

Verdict: 4.5/5 stars 
(I will definitely return for more!)

The Criss Cut Fries is not really tied to the Singaporean taste theme but it was a good alternative to the usual fries, with a nice crisp and flavoring to it. 

I haven't got a chance to try out the rest of the dishes - Bandung McFizz, Coconut Pie and Chendol Mcflurry. Can't wait to try it out soon! 

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