Saturday, 22 July 2017

Primero STÄRKÈ™ Single-Back Ergonomic Office Chair Review

A proper and comfortable room/office chair is really important to me. Why? Because I spend several hours sitting at my desk every single day. Simple as that. Why shortchange yourself with a substandard chair when you can have better choices with Primero? I have been enduring my old chair and it has been irking me for the past few months because of its peeling. I even put an old shirt over because I have no money to buy a new chair. (KIDDING LA, I just didn’t have the time to source for a better chair).

Primero has kindly sent me a Starke Single-Back Ergonomic Office Chair to review.

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Although my Princess theme room is in pink and white and the chair does not perfectly blend in with my other furniture, there are still some white parts that matches my room colour. Besides, black seats also mean that they are less prone to dirt and thus making it more durable. 

It's top quality mesh is also imported from Germany - which means great for comfort and breathability and is especially suitable in Singapore's hot weather. Comfort > Design!

Don't mean to start being gross here, but I feel that PVC leather material seems to have an issue with its durability when you sweat a lot. Yes, I do sweat in such crazy hot weather and especially since I always work in the kitchen. On the other hand, this kind of material seems to be longer lasting!

The Starke Single-Back Chair also has a superior Lumbar Support design that aids in good sitting posture. Plus point? It comes with an adjustable head rest! Now you can finally take a deep breath after completing a challenging project, safely lean backwards and let out a loud sigh of relief without giving way to your neck.

I never appreciated head rest that much before.

My bf came over and the moment he sat down on my chair, he didn't want to return the chair to me. Such a bully. 

My STÄRKÈ chair doesn't come with an adjustable arm rest and I don't actually feel that there is a need to have it for myself; the height and angle is perfect for me. But if you prefer to have it, it is available under the options which comes with an additional fee. 

As I have mentioned earlier about "good posture", the chair was pre-installed with a Lumbar lower back support to correct one's seating posture and ensure that the spine is supported correctly and naturally. 

Photo from Primero
Just a point to note: Not everyone can accept the level of hardness that comes from the back support, at least not for me. It is easily removable with a screwdriver though, and I removed my back support on Day 1. Just a small warning: the remaining chair parts may be poking into your back if you lean too much against it. After all, the support has been removed. I didn't feel that it was an issue for me since I am using a cushion and I have no issues with my posture. With a comfortable cushion I could still enjoy the full comforts of my chair. 

Take a look at my work desk area! 

Check out some of their other items too! 

Thank you Primero once again!

Click here to read more if you would like to know more about good sitting posture and ergonomics! 

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