Thursday, 10 August 2017

Comparison of Shark Movie Reviews

I have been watching Shark movies lately, some which left me a strong impression, some not too good ones and quite a few with ridiculous plots that left me speechless. I decided to do a compilation list of reviews that you may consider before watching any Shark movies, or just watch everything if you're a huge fan of monstrous movies. Okay.. but some are really beyond stupidity.

1) Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Short Summary: A group of researchers study the brains of shark in order to develop a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Unknown to others, a few of them increased the shark's brain size which made the sharks more intelligent. The rest is history.

Shark types: 3 sharks with huge brains and probably 100x smarter than you

Level of reality: Considering that this is filmed in 1999, the effects are quite convincing.

The Victims: The researchers. I feel like some kind of deserve it though.

Additional comments: Being too ambitious might take your lives. On a side note, this film has a similar concept to Poseidon, with add-on sharks to make it more exhilarating than ever. Trust me, this is one of the best shark movies I have ever watched.

2) The Shallows (2016)

Short Summary: A female student went surfing alone in a secluded beach and got attacked by a shark. With high tide approaching, time is ticking as she tries to come up with different strategies to escape from the shark's attack and swim to safety.

Shark types: A Great White Shark

Level of reality: Not much gore, no crazy bombing, it's a very simple yet intensive shark attack

The Victims: The student who is surfing alone, with a couple more passers-by

Additional comments: I re-watched this movie twice. It's not something with a whole lot of action, but I like watching shows that involve strategies. At least this shark movie is realistic.

3) 47 Metres Down (2017)

Short Summary: Two sisters went on a holiday and joined a cage diving experience where they are submerged into the waters to look at sharks up-close. The cable broke and the cage sinked to the bottom of the ocean floor (47 metres down literally). They have to find a way to escape with sharks nearby and their oxygen tank running low.

Shark types: A few sharks that were lured by bait

Level of reality: Sounds like a possible incident to occur in real life

The Victims: The two sisters

Additional comments: It was an okay movie to me, but I will probably not watch it anytime soon.

4) Shark Night (2011)

Short Summary: A group of undergraduates went on a vacation at a private lake but got attacked by sharks. They found out that someone actually put those sharks into the lakes intentionally, to film college students eaten by sharks alive.

Shark types: Bullshark, Cookiecutter Sharks (what a cute name), Great White Shark, Hammerhead Sharks and more

Level of reality: Do sharks really leap out of the water to bite humans? I thought that the sharks were over-aggressive and they were not even genetically modified. The effects were mediocre but the idea of someone filming the whole shark attack process feels quite sick (Which could be a standout of the movie if they have upgraded the effects and storyline just a little more)

The Victims: College Students

Additional comments: Some people are just so sick in the mind, but that's what makes horror even scarier.

5) 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

Short Summary: On a short expedition, a group of students and professor were stranded on a deserted atoll when the ship was damaged by a dead shark. Soon later, they were attacked by another shark 2-headed shark, but had nowhere to run as the atoll is soon to collapse on itself.

Shark types: 2-headed Shark

Level of reality: Even the idea sounds quite ridiculous. I wouldn't mind if the storyline and effects were great. The video-editing was really bad and shark bites were unclear (Felt like the details were cut off due to budget). Oh, and did I mention that the acting was really bad?

The Victims: People onboard the "Sea King"

Additional comments: Let's just say that the title alone makes me cringe. When it's a substandard movie, make sure that something else can make up to it. Storyline, effects, gore - none of these impressed me. I have no idea why they even filmed a sequel - 3-Headed Shark Attack, I cannot bring myself to finish watching it.

6) Ghost Shark (2013)

Short Summary: A shark which was tortured to death by a fisherman and his daughter, became resurrected as a ghost shark and seek its revenge. Soon later, everyone in town were unknowingly attacked, even when there's a slightest bit of water.

Shark types: Ghost Shark, duh.

Level of reality: It's a stupid movie. I'm sorry, but it was so painful to watch. Lousy effects, storyline and acting. I guess I can't judge on the story concept since supernatural movies have a limited reality to it, but at least make it a point to film it better.

The Victims: Anyone in contact with water, even when you're bathing

Additional comments: Not sure if I should watch another similar movie - Sand Sharks

Hope you enjoyed reading my Shark Movies Comparison Review! Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with me! Or share some other great shark movies that you have watched before.

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