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Pot Addiction SG 吃锅瘾 at Sun Plaza | Mookata, Korean BBQ and Hotpot

Pot Addiction SG (吃锅瘾 = literally 吃过瘾) is a newly opened restaurant at Sun Plaza (Sembawang) and a hidden gem for Mookata, Korean BBQ and Hotpot lovers!

Now you don't have to debate with your friend on dining choices anymore. Enjoy the best of both worlds just by topping up $12 for a duo hotpot per table (Up to 4 pax). Buffet price starts from $14.90 for lunch and $22.90 for dinner, which is seriously super affordable for the quality they are providing.

For steamboat choices, you can pick from the different soup bases - Ma La, Herbal Chicken, Tom Yum, Chicken, Tonkotsu, Mushroom or more. Ma La and Herbal Chicken wasn't to my liking but I really enjoyed the Tonkotsu and Tom Yum during my other visit.

The Tom Yum had the right balance of sourness and spiciness, which was the exact type of Tom Yum soup I favour. Tonkotsu is a mild subtle taste of pork broth and is best for steamboat as I do not want the soup to be overpowering as well.

I was honestly quite impressed by the extensive variety of seafood, meat and steamboat items which are usually not offered elsewhere - Spicy Chicken, Thai Style Chicken, Pork Belly, Bacon, Beef Slices and more. I'm already salivating while writing this blog post!

Besides the impressive spread of food, the meat was also surprisingly very tender and easy to chew on, unlike some Korean BBQ restaurants that I have been to. On my 2nd visit, the pork belly cut was a little too thick though.

If you prefer something more premium, you can top up $5 for a plate of Ribeye slices, Lamb slices, Pomfret Fish or Abalone.

Premium top ups at buffet are usually way more expensive and are not really worth the money. $5 for such a huge plate is a great steal, especially if shared among a group of friends!

Bamboo clams, clams, prawns, scallops and squids are offered at the seafood counter, and I couldn't stop at just one plate. The freshness and quality cannot be comparable to seafood restaurants but you have to give credit to its decent taste given that this is a buffet. 

They really do have almost every common steamboat ingredient, which was really amazing for such an affordable price. Check out the cute owl fishcakes too!

Be spoilt for choices as you can pick from 26 different sauces and toppings! My personal favourite was the Satay sauce which had a very strong nutty flavor. Their homemade chilli sauce is also worth a try!

Top up $3 for a generous bowl of mixed cheese which is a great complement to pork or beef. Trust me, it's so sinfully addictive and it was my perfect "topping sauce" of the day . I love how the melted gooey cheese is still piping hot. Must try for CHEESE LOVERS, you will not regret! 

The only downside about Pot Addiction is that they do not offer any desserts, but they have plans to bring in some in the future.

Buffet Prices:


Lunch: $14.90++(A), $7.90++(C), $12.90++(Senior/Student)

Dinner: $22.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $20.90++(Senior/Student)


Lunch: $24.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $22.90++(Senior/Student)

Dinner: $24.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $24.90++(Senior/Student)

Children below 0.8m dines for free!

Add ons:

Hotpot: Add $12 (max 4 pax to 1 pot)

Tom Yum Mookata: Add $2 per pax

Cheese: Add $3

Pot Addiction SG 吃锅瘾

30 Sembawang Drive #02-14, Sun Plaza, Singapore 737718

Tel: +65 6481 3456

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