Monday, 11 September 2017

Casio EX-ZR5000 Review

After my Samsung NX-Mini died on me within a year plus, I have yet to bought a new camera until recently – Casio EX-ZR5000 (Pink). During this period, I borrowed my brother's Canon DSLR to events but it was too bulky and heavy to carry it around. Given my limited photography skills, I do not require such a professional camera. Instead, I prefer something more handy and convenient with decent quality. (And it must have Selfie cam!) I remembered that Casio is well known for its beauty cam function. And speaking from experience, I really love their Casio TR150 many years ago.

Personal Requirements 

Design and Color 

I am soooooo particular about this that I wouldn't consider buying the camera if it comes only in black. I know black looks more professional but I want something pretty to look at (Pink or turquoise are my top choices)

Selfie and Beauty Cam

Because pictures can’t be complete without selfies/wefies! Even better if the camera has wide angle lens.

Decent Quality and Reasonable Price

I’m not too particular about the specifications, as long as the photos look clear and nice especially for photos. Of course, the price must match my requirements.

When I was looking for a camera, the Casio EX-ZR5000 caught my eye almost immediately due to its pretty coral pink colour. I noticed a comparable model, which was at a lower price – Casio EX-ZR65, and comes in a similar shade of gorgeous pink as well! I spent so many days considering between these 2 camera models as I wanted to save some money, but I also heard that ZR5000 have better specifications. It was such a huge dilemma.

Pardon the bubbles on my screen!

There were hardly any reviews about the ZR65, while on the other hand; the ZR5000 was raved by other bloggers. This also makes it easier for me to sell the camera at a better price in the future should I wish to change my camera. And so I made my decision on ZR5000 in the end.

In case you are wondering, you can compare the specifications and price below:

They have also recently launched the latest Casio High speed model - ZR5100. I still prefer the pastel pink!

I have been using the camera for about a month or so and I have no regrets! My dad and brother were skeptical at first as they are DSLR users and felt that iPhones are comparable to the digital cams. But I strongly think otherwise, and I also didn’t want to bring my iPhone to events for photo taking. Besides, I feel that iPhones are only acceptable when the lighting is really perfect (which is not always the case).

My favourite features of ZR5000:

It’s PINK. Enough said. 

The camera is quite light and convenient to bring around. This is really important because I always carry so much “rubbish” around which makes my bag really heavy. I don’t need that extra weight on my shoulders.

The make up mode is almost perfect (the previous Samsung beauty mode was a little too fake for me). It’s also adjustable to your liking – 12 levels of smooth skin. And the front shutter button is easy to reach. Not forgetting the 19mm wide-angle lens, which makes it easier for me to take selfies that showcase my outfit or background easily.

Remote capture is very useful when I have no one to take photos for me, or when I need candid photos. The set up of the wifi can be a little frustrating depending on your connection. 

Wifi send and receive function is common but also a necessity for me to transfer photos to my phone almost immediately if I want to upload on my social media.

Other features:

The camera has a lot of other filters such as art mode, selfie art mode and more. There is also a manual function but I prefer sticking to the default mode as I’m not familiar with the technical terms of photography.

Here are some photos that I took with my ZR5000!

The selfie function has a motion shutter for hands-free selfies and group shots. I feel that the sensitivity of the button takes a while to warm up and I kept waving at the camera stupidly a few times before the sensor detected my hands.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase. What’s your verdict on this camera model?


  1. Hi,

    I've noticed that this model has less Megapixel and zoom compared to ZR-65. I'm planning to buy Casio Exilim, but stuck whether to proceed with ZR5000 @ ZR65. Please advice. Tq.

    1. Hi Dila,

      I have done some research and a few salesperson have told me that megapixel is not really a huge factor in producing quality photos unless you are planning to print it out as posters. You may want to compare the image sensor instead.

      I am not really familiar with all the photography terms but based on research and trying the camera, ZR5000 is better for me. But the price difference is also quite big, so you may want to consider your priorities whether you require the functions that ZR5000 have. Hope this helps :)

    2. Thanks for the reply. Most probably to buy ZR5000 since I think the design is better than ZR65. Plan to buy pink @ turquoise color also.

      Thanks again. :)

    3. Yes, that's another plus point too! You're welcome! :)