Sunday, 3 September 2017

Loacker Singapore | Cocoa & Milk Flavours

I can't say that I'm a crazy huge fan of wafer biscuits (I know my bf is one!) But if I had to choose a favourite brand, it's definitely Loacker Wafer! This is my 100% honest opinion even though it's a sponsored post. Have you ever tried other brands of wafer biscuits and the biscuit is just too light and airy? And to make things worse, there's a slight artificial taste to it as well. Loacker Singapore is the complete opposite, with a rich intensive chocolate flavor and dense texture. 

Loacker Singapore kindly sent me 3 different flavors to try - Cocoa & Milk, Napolitaner (Hazelnut) and Vanille (Vanilla).

Cocoa & Milk is Loacker’s new flavour launched on the market and has been awarded the ‘Product of the Year 2017’ in the‘Biscuit’ category. With 7% cocoa wafer, the combination of dark chocolate and milky white cream gives a really good balance of sweetness and is rich in taste.

One of my favourite aspect of Loacker is that you can just pop them in your mouth conveniently with these Quadratini bite-sized pieces. It can be quite a messy affair to take a bite of the bigger wafer biscuits and you end up with crumbs everywhere on the table and floor. Great for late night snacks when you are lazy to clean up!

The Vanille (Vanilla) Crispy Wafers suits those who are less of a chocolate lover, like me. Still packed with rich vanilla flavor and layered with delicious cream, this flavor is my favourite!

Napolitaner (Hazelnut) Wafer is filled with smooth and light hazelnut cream that has a fragrant nutty taste. Hazelnut has been one of my favourite flavor of all time. This is a tad too sweet for my palate but perhaps it will suit those with a sweeter tooth! 

Loacker Minis are great for sharing and they come in different flavours including the classic minis as well as the unique types such as Coconut, Cappuccino and Tortina.

You may refer to the retail price of Loacker below:

250g – (Retail Price: S$4.95)
125g – (Retail Price: S$2.95)

175g – (Retail Price: S$3.75)
45g – (Retail Price: S$1.20)

Thank you Loacker Singapore and Matrix Star for the Loacker Box! 

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