Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Movie Review: Bad Genius (2017)

"Best Thai movie ever"
"Surprising funny and interesting!"
"One of the most thrilling movies I ever watched"
These are just some of the Bad Genius movie reviews I saw on GV website with over 40 ratings and 4.5 stars. I told my bf about it and he responded me with "Really meh?"

Before the movie was even released, I watched the trailer and was already intrigued with the storyline, but I didn't expect that the execution of the whole plot was that good (according to the reviews). Bad Genius was released in early August and I was surprised and obviously excited to see a few time slots left at Plaza GV last week.

If you have not watched the trailer, let me summarize it for you:

Lynn is a really intelligent and genius high school student at school and befriended Grace, who is academically challenged in contrast to her. Lynn started to help Grace cheat during one of the examinations, which eventually transformed into a money-making tool for herself with the help of Grace's rich boyfriend, Pat. As the number of "clients" grew, she created a hand signal tool inspired from piano pieces. When her cheating was found out by the school, she was banned from the scholarship. Pat and Grace convinced her to help them cheat in the STIC - an international standardised test for university admissions, earning them millions.


I'm no cheater at school, but watching some bad student go deviant against moral and school rules does have some kind of adrenaline rush. #dontjudge

Some say that they were kept at the edge of their seats throughout the whole movie, yea I had a similar feeling too. I was fascinated by their intelligent methods used to cheat. The piano playing method was brilliant, you could have seen my jaws dropped with the method they used to cheat at the STIC. Like WOW!

I like how they occasionally incorporated witty jokes that brought out the characters' personality while at the same time keeping you captivated with the movie. 

Bad Genius also has good story twists, not anything too major though. The story also teaches us about moral struggles in life if you are looking for something deeper.

Did they succeed in their cheating scheme? Watch and find out!

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