Tuesday, 5 September 2017

PABLO Cheese Tart in Singapore! (Wisma Atria)

Recognize this snake-long queue at Level 1 of Wisma Atria? Japanese PABLO Cheese Tart chain which was newly opened in Singapore last month, caused a crazy hype among Cheese Tart lovers and curious onlookers for a good whole month. And yes, my curiosity has led me to succumb to my temptation. But thankfully, I queued only about 15 minutes on a weekday evening to get my cheese tart cravings fixed. 

Click here to watch a short clip of the PABLO Cheese Tarts
(Video credit: Colman C)

I have yet to try their Cheese Soft Serve Ice Cream which looks quite enticing.

PABLO has an open kitchen concept for others to observe the whole process of baking and decorating the cheese tarts. You can watch these delicious tarts being baked right in front of you! As a baker, I always find the process very satisfying to watch. 

Iconic PABLO Cheese Tart

The Iconic 15-cm Cheese Tart flavours include Original Cheese ($15), Matcha Cheese ($18) and Chocolate Cheese ($18).

Instead of the shortbread buttery crust, the crust is more flakey and has slight resemblance to that of a portuguese egg tart. Unfortunately, this Iconic PABLO Cheese Tart falls short in terms of its texture. Perhaps it must be eaten fresh (I kept mine for about 3 hours), but I was told by the staff that it can be kept in room temperature for about 6 hours. 

Glazed with a layer of apricot jam on the top, the tart is filled with cheese that is of a mousse-like texture, and somewhat similar to custard. In fact, it reminded me of egg tarts, but with cheese. Don't expect that the cheese will flow out like a lava cake and the cheese flavor is quite subtle too. This would probably suit those with a lighter palate who doesn't want something too gelat. 

PABLO Mini Cheese Tarts

On the other hand, the PABLO Mini Cheese Tarts ($3.5) are definitely cheesier in terms of taste. The cheese also has a firmer texture which is close to a cheesecake.

The crust has room for improvement but the cheese could be just a little smoother. Other than that, the mini cheese tarts are decent in terms of its overall taste and texture. I can't say that the standard is in proportionate with the hype that the brand is receiving, but if I pass by Wisma Atria again and there isn't a long queue, I wouldn't mind buying some for supper.

This was really difficult to decide but if I really had to choose between the big or mini tarts, I would prefer the big ones because the mini ones were more similar to cheesecakes and I'm not super fond of it. But as greedy as I usually am, I will gladly have both all by myself.

PABLO Cheese Tart Singapore
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
435 Orchard Road #01-02/38, Singapore 238877 
(Orchard MRT)

Contact: +65 6835 9269

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

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