Sunday, 24 September 2017

Plan your holidays with Traveloka | Flight and Accommodation

Planning for holidays can be a nerve-wrecking process especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to spare. And I have not even mentioned about the dilemma issues that comes along with the planning process. #firstworldproblems. Traveloka is an online travelling website for you to save on Flights and Hotels, with over 15 million users already!

Personally, Accommodation is one of the most essential decisions to tackle first, like duh. You won’t want to travel all the way to another country just to find out that you don’t like the hotel. I cannot stop emphasizing on how research is so important. As much as spontaneity has its own attractiveness to some, I’m the kind of traveller who prefers to plan every single detail.

Don’t leave out flights too! It can take up a huge chunk of your travelling expenses and I’d rather spend my money on food and shopping! It’s convenient when you can purchase both the air tickets and hotel stay on the same platform so that it is easier to track.

The Traveloka website is also really user-friendly and convenient to use! Let me run you through the simple steps in a while!

Oh! Did you know that Traveloka was also part of KL 2017 as one of their Gold Sponsors to promote the SEA Games last month. 

How to book your hotel through Traveloka?

1) Under the hotel tab, pick your destination, date of travel and number of guests/rooms

The app/website will filter the available hotels during the period of dates you have selected to narrow down your search.

2) Filter your search from the left sidebar

Usually, I have a strict set of requirements when booking for my hotel stay. Budget is a must of course! For example, I usually try to keep my budget to $100 per night in Bangkok. I am also very particular about the ratings and reviews. Hence, I will always pick from 4-5 star ratings only. I also don’t want to stay in apartments or hostels. You can filter your search according to your personal requirements, which makes it easier to make a decision!

3) Click “See Room” and you can find out more information about the hotel on the next page.

On this page, you can find more details such as room types, prices, nearby attractions, hotel facilities, and reviews from other customers.

The ratings are categorized into 5 different types – Cleanliness, Comfort, Meal, Location and Service. At least you know the standard of quality for each particular segment. Reviews are really important to me because it’s definitely more genuine based on their own experiences.

4) Click “Book Now” when you have made the decision.

Remember to log in as Traveloka Club Member and you can get access to deals up to 25% off! Such a bonus steal!

There is also absolutely no additional fee other than tax recovery charges.

Overall, I like how the Traveloka website is very easy to navigate around, user-friendly and informative. I like how they have a Live Chat function that makes enquiries so much more hassle-free. Download the Traveloka App to find out more!

Enjoy your planning!

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