Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Easy & Affordable Printing with Gogoprint | Monice Bakes

Branding is always important for any businesses and I have been looking for cheap and good printing services in Singapore. Unfortunately, most of the quotations that I received were way beyond my budget. Maybe they print on gold, but the prices really don't justify for a small business like mine. Thankfully, there is Gogoprint Singapore which offers sticker printing services at almost half the prices compared to the rest of the companies I have searched online!

Gogoprint provides printing services for a variety of business materials such as business cards, digital booklets, stickers, calendars, flyers, gift vouchers, posters, etc.

No joke, but I was genuinely surprised about the affordability. I can already foresee myself ordering business materials from them in the future, in fact I have already ordered once for my vouchers in collaboration with a school.

Gogoprint also sent me some physical samples of the different materials when I was in doubt about which type of stickers to order - simili or mirrorcoat.

In case you have the same question too, here's a simple explanation - Simili paper is more natural like a normal paper and you can also write on it easily, whereas Mirrorcoat paper is slightly more glossy and has the shine, more suitable for brand stickers in my opinion.

I ordered the 3 x 3cm in mirrorcoat (Full colour on front) with no finishing and placed on A4 sheet.
TOTAL = $51.40

1000 = $49.30
2000 = $51.40

I think we clearly know which is more worth it right? And $50+ for 2000 pieces is really really cheap!

The ordering process is rather fuss-free and convenient too! It's pretty much self explanatory from the photo below. Select your format, material type, finishing, sticker shape, etc etc.

If you require a rushed delivery, just click on the preferred date with your preferred quantity to check what is the total quotation. 

To ensure timely delivery, you have to check that your artwork fulfils the basic requirements and is in the correct image format. On my side, I emailed Gogoprint customer service to double check the quality of the image before I send it out for printing. Kudos to them for being so helpful! 

The stickers are really useful for my individual cookie bags as it acts as a advertising material for me when my customers give out these cookies to their friends/colleagues. And of course, it is also a representative of my brand - Monice Bakes! I haven't tried ordering name cards from Gogoprint as I still have a huge stack to use up. But I saw their sample namecards and I think the quality is decent for the price.

Find out more about their printing services on their website!

Thank you Gogoprint for the collaboration! 

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