Tuesday, 31 October 2017

GIVEAWAY | Monice Bakes x Be Crafty Sg

Have you all seen my new design lately? Cactus/ Succulent cupcakes are so cute! If you missed my Bakesale that week, good news for y'all because I have teamed up with Be Crafty for a bundled giveaway filled with attractive prizes (all plant-related for all the plant and greenery lovers)! Quickly scroll down and join if you haven't! 

Each lucky winner will walk away with a set of 6 Cactus cupcakes 🌵, 100g Butter cookies 🍪 and you will get to customize your unique set of Terrarium worth $20 🌿!!! (1 BONUS winner will receive extra 2 Unicorn Cupcakes) 🦄

I really enjoy the customize element of Be Crafty because who doesn't love personalized gifts! It will be a perfect gift for your friend/ family/ loved one or even a little treat for yourself! 


Don't forget to join my giveaway! And stay tuned for more on my Facebook/ Instagram page! 

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